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  1. I ordered two from Lucky Model. Anfter waiting for 3 to 4 months, they finally shipped on September 23 via surface mail. The ETA is 1/1/1990. Of course is a mistake but my guess is that I will get them by the end of December or middle of January 2022. I”m OK with that. I paid $138.00 total for both which is not bad. Juan
  2. Hi, Does anybody have access to this link again? It is not available anymore Juan
  3. Hi Ruiz, Because I used surface shipping and they say it is 2-6 months. i just got my Tamiya F-4B. It took three months using the same surface mail. Juan
  4. Hi Guys, Lucky Model finally shipped my GWH Su-27 kits. I expect to see them on Christmas time since I have been waiting for the Tamiya F-4B for 3 months already. Juan
  5. Hi all, Still no sign of the 1/48 GWH Su-27 in Lucky Model. When then? Juan
  6. Five weeks have passed since my post above and the GWH Su-27 is still in back order. What happened? It seems like the kit has been a hit and was sold out everywhere. In the meanwhile, still progressing with my Kitty Hawk Su-30SM and Trumpeter Su-24M. Raymond, do you have an idea when you will have the GWH Su-27 back in stock in Lucky Model? Thank you all. Juan
  7. Hi Haneto, I wonder how much a set will cost. Do you know?
  8. Hi all, Here is my last finished model. A 1/48 Hobby Boss Mig-31M. I used Amigo Models exhaust nozzels, Reskit wheel set and borrowed R-77 missiles and pylons from another Hobby Boss Mig-31 since for a "strange" reason, the M version kit does come without them. I used Akan acrylic paints. Photographs taken by my good friend Mark Brady from Mark Brady Fine Art. I hope you like them. Juan
  9. Hi, What brand and color did you use on your Flanker? They look great. Let me know when you can. Juan
  10. When I placed my order, the kit was still available. When I checked the status of my order, then it was on back order. Odd, but I guess someone else got the last one/ones right before my order. I say two to three months because I don't know when they will be back in stock and usually for surface shipping it takes like two months to arrive to where I live in the U.S.A. Juan
  11. They were available just for a little while, even when I ordered them and now they are on back order. I will probably will get my two in three or four months. I have time, I'm working on a Trumpeter Su-24 with a lot of resin and a Kitty Hawk Su-30SM. More likely I won't be done with them by the time I get the two I ordered. Juan
  12. Hi Dehowie, I did a search to the Ebay seller you mention and I could not find anything. Also, I was about to place an order with another seller but the delivery takes two months. How come you got your kits this fast? Do you mind telling us a little more about. Thank you in advance. Juan
  13. Hi all, I am trying to finish the Kitty Hawk Su-30SM before GWH makes its. Is there any aftermarket seat I can use on the Kitty Hawk Su-30SM? And when you are at it, what is the best match for the cockpit color? Thank you in advance. Juan
  14. A Su-15 with the level of detail as the Kinetic’s Pucara would be great. Juan
  15. It is true, but I had access to good price glass at the moment, and was able to design the cabinet with the right size to fit the space I wanted to be on. Another advantage is that I made it "dust-proof". I haven't cleaned the cabinet since I put it the first time about 6 years ago and the kits are still clean. When will I be able to do another replica? Who knows?
  16. You can always build one yourself. I designed this using stainless steel with a bottom and top cabinetry from IKEA. It can hold 40-50 1/48 kits.
  17. Of course. But, I will be able to do it until tomorrow night. Juan
  18. Hi, I got my kit today. Wow! Wow! I have to say this is the most amazing kit I have ever owned. The details are simply amazing. If you like the subject, buy one, two or three. You won't be disappointed. My opinion is just based on the details, I can't tell about the fit because I haven't built it yet, but I believe it is worth what I paid for it. You don't really need any aftermarket at all, not even decals. Overall is a 10/10 kit. Thanks, Juan
  19. I just canceled mine from Lucky Model. I can always get it in the future if something better doesn’t come out. Juan
  20. It’s finally available to order in Hobby Easy. It means they have it in n stock I guess. Juan
  21. Why am I not surprised? They did it already multiple times. We will get it when we get it. Juan
  22. Maybe I have been lucky but I have used the 7xxx series with no problems. I have used the Mig-29 colors, Su-27 and recently on a Mig-31M. In addition to that, I almost never use primer prior to paint. However, I recognize that the 6xxx series spray better. In general, I prefer lacquers or enamels over acrylics. Juan
  23. HI, I have a 1/48 Windmark Su-35 conversion with and Academy Su-27. I already did the cutting for the front fuselage and added the nose. See photos below. There are some additional resin parts from a Sol Su-35/37 I used before including exhaust for a Su-37. I am asking $60.00 for the whole package. Thanks. Juan Solorzano
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