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  1. With all the crap posted lately, not related to AMK F-14D, this topic will hit the 200 pages soon. I will have to uncheck my notification for this topic. Later. jsolo
  2. I don't use Facebook, who can post the pictures Martin is talking about here? jsolo
  3. Hi all, It is surprising that AMK has not reported back to the forum. It there is bad news, it is better than no news. I am still keeping my pre-orders though. I might be a conformist, but I still think the kit price is a very reasonable for what you get. Come on AMK, let us know what's going on. jsolo
  4. I lost my hopes on AMK Mig-25 now that ICM is doing different versions of the Foxbat. I hope ICM do the trainer and the BM in the future. Time will tell. Juan
  5. I am not sure if it could have gotten them cheaper, but I got a PD and a RBF for $57.00 each shipped to the USA form Ukraine with a 10% off coupon yesterday. I wast tempted to let the deal go, but I could not resist. Juan
  6. HI Brian, I am not an F-14 expert, Can you tell me if any of the three top Tomcats on the sheet 48085 Tomcats At War Pt2 - F-14B/D Bravo Delta Showboats is a F-14D? Thanks in advance. Juan
  7. Hi all, I ordered a F-101B through ebay and the guy sent the kit wrapped on a styrofoam box and of course the kit came all crushed with the windscreen broken in two parts and one of the two halves bent on one side. Is there any way to request replacement parts from Kitty Hawk? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Juan
  8. I agree, they are super nice, but also super expensive. With shipping, they almost cost half of a kit cost.
  9. Now, the question is for people who own the kit, which one should we get? Cold War Studio is a lot more complete but pricier, Red Star has been in the works for months and with this Quickboost release, it could never see the light, Neomega, kind of the same situation. Let's wait for Kitty Hawk Su-34, it seems to be better than Hobby Boss, at least on the CAD version. Juan
  10. Yes, they are. Send me your zip code for shippping. Juan
  11. Unfortunately that kit doesn’t have the NACA style vents. Juan
  12. Hi Punder, I wish I knew something. I was just trying to emphasize that the chances to see a new Su-15 “Flagon” are small. I sold my Trumpeter Su-15 few years ago hoping for a new tool from another company. So far nothing. Do you know something? Juan
  13. After seeing that photo, I believe by the time you apply the paint and weather the model, the panels lines will look more like the real aircraft. I can clearly see the panels lines on that photo. I will keep my pre ordered kits and I also probably buy the Tamiya kit too. I believe AMK should do a F-111 series or a Su-15 instead of the Mig-25 now that ICM is doing it. There is slim chance the Flagon is going to be done by another company, I am not sure about the F-111. Keep the good job AMK. Juan
  14. Hi Ed, I will let you know tomorrow morning. Juan
  15. I got my two kits today as well. Exactly one week from the day I got the email from Hobby Easy. That was fast. Kit is great. A must have. Juan
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