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  1. I just received a confirmation by Hobby Easy. My two kits are now shipped. It should take about two weeks to arrive. Juan
  2. Yes, my card was only charged for the original amount. The website still shows my orders as ready to ship.
  3. I got a confirmation from them by email. I got a tracking number too. Juan
  4. Sold items removed and new additions and few freebies.
  5. Check your inbox, I sent you a message. Juan
  6. I’m glad I did not order one. A pity Kinetic couldn’t do more. What about the cockpit parts? What are the options for people who bought the kit already? Juan
  7. Hi Sio, I pre ordered two AMK Tomcats even though I have two Tamiya kits, three Hobby Boss kits and two or three Hasegawa kits. As you can see, I have plenty of time (I really wish I could have more) to build a Tomcat while the new AMK Tomcat comes out. Good luck. Juan
  8. Hi all, I have a Grex Tritium TG - Pistol Style .0.3 mm nozzle for sale with the following accessories: Grex 0.2mm nozzle assembly (Brand new in package) Grex CP50-01 - 50ml Top Cup The airbrush is in like new condition and has been used only a couple of times the most. I am asking $210.00 including shipping for the set in the U.S.A. only. I accept PayPal, personal checks, MO or cash at your own risk. Thank you in advance. Juan
  9. Where is SuperTomcat21? I would love to know more about the Su-33 kit. Is it going to be released soon or next year? I am a happy owner of two Kinetic Su-33 kits and I am ready to buy one from Aviation Art. Juan
  10. Well. I can’t, at least not in my phone. I will try on my PC.
  11. Any link for those that don’t have Facebook? Thanks. Juan
  12. Would it be a wild guess that Trumpeter/Hobbyboss could be the buyer of the improved version of the this Su-33 since they are coming with a new Su-33 too? Juan
  13. I believe Andrew is referring to the two seater with canards since all the conversions available are for the single seat version. Juan
  14. For what is worth, even though I pre-ordered two kits about one month ago from Hobby Easy, my credit card was charged for the kits only, not shipping charge until three days ago, they told me the will charge my card again by the end of the year. I asked them if that means the production of the kit is going to happen, but I haven't received an answer yet. I hope they were able to get to the 5000 mark. Juan
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