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  1. 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS to ECR: Lego tiger

    A very nice touch with the intake doors open. You don't see many models with "running engines".
  2. Why isn't my solder sticking?

    True, but when the RoHS compliant solder became available, many electronic companies were faced with the problem of the solder not sticking to the printed circuit boards and the components. But I think this has been solved by now. So I guess it is a temperature problem.
  3. This model was built for the "Modern Luftwaffe - 60th Anniversary" Group Build. I am posting it here, as there is no dedicated thread with completed pictures for this model yet. The kit was reissued by Revell in 2014 with new decals and was built OOB. I only added some detail on the inside of the burner cans and added two pilot figures from the Revell NATO Pilots set. The kit went together very nice, the only problem spot was the turtledeck, which had very soft detail and a very ugly seam line. This appears to be the case with all of the reissues of Revell's new-tool RF-4E kit. I also had to fill and resribe some of the panellines on the aft fuselage and vertival stabilizer, which represent the RF-4E, on which the Revell F-4F kits are based on. No filler was required otherwise. Contrary to most pictures of that jet, I left the radome in it's natural color, as this aircraft jet was still tasked for air defence tasks in that paint scheme. The golden paint would have compromised the radar. This is why I also added two live Sidewinders to the starboard wing. This was also the first F-4F to be delivered the the GAF in 1973 and the last one to be decomissioned from active service in 2013. The model was primed with gloss Humbrol 14 French Blue, and the metallic paint is nail polish. I've used Maybelline Color Show #661, Ocean Blue. I guess I've put about 5 coats nail polish onto the model, which was thinned 50/50 with acetone. I've used up two bottles of the nail polish. One dry, rough spots were polished out with 3200 grit Micromesh. The radome was sprayed with ModelMaster Radome Tan (which is still the best color for that shade). The bare metal areas were sprayed with Vallejo Metal Color and the decals were applied straight on top of the nail polish. The gloss coat is three coats of Future, which was applied to the with a flat brush. The Future was not applied to any bare metal areas. To get a satin texture on the nose, the Future was sanded off the radome with the new green polishing sticks. The canopy was painted with Revell Gold. Supposedly the decals in that kit were specifically matched to the Revell gold paint, but it is not a 100% match. Very early in the build, I've added some Evergreen styrene strips to the inside of the exhaust nozzles to give them more detail. That simple trick does work wonders! I also added two pilot figures, from which I had to cut off their legs and the left forearms to fit into the cockpit after assembly. The build thread can be found <HERE>. Enjoy the pictures!
  4. 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS to ECR: Lego tiger

    It's comig along nicely.
  5. Question about best putty for rescribing

    Dissolved putty from the kit's sprues, as it is chemically the same compostion as the model. But it has to dry for a few days, depending how thick you've put it on. But it als shrinks, resulting in several putty applications. If the gap is large enough, I put a strip of Evergreen or Plastruct into the gap, and then melt it with Tamiya Extra Thin.
  6. If the windows are not fully translucent, it should make masking a lot easier, as there is no need to mask every single cabin window at the exact spot.
  7. Nice job! I've started it during the xmas holidays last year, but haven't painted it due to some problems. On my model, I've cut out the recessed panels and tinted the clear parts from the inside with Tamiya smoke, but messed it up when masking the windows. Nevertheless, as you already wrote, the fit was surprisingly good. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/296584-1144-bpk-canadair-crj-100/ Have you already decided on how you do the cabin windows?
  8. Photobucket Fix?

    I have noticed this lately with sites as flickr, too. You have to go to the page properties, and manually select the correct version of the image you want to save. It is a PITA, but still better than not being able to save important pictures. Be aware that there might be several files for the same image, but only one is vieable from outside the host site. On Firefox: Right click on the screen, select "View Page Info", then click on the tab "Media" and locate the image file. You can save it from there.
  9. Yes, I know. I was referring to the "Eye of the Tiger" and the Norm 83 Tornados that were almost finished.
  10. Thank you very much. The build was very much fun, even though I had a longer period of not being able to do some modelling during the summer, as every year. But I could make up for that lost time during the last three weeks. I really would love to see the two Tornados whenever they are finished.
  11. Future

    Am I correct, that when the airbrushed Future looks pebbly on th emodel, I just have to apply a thicker coat?
  12. Yes, they are included, too. BTW: This adapter pylon is also used for the Kormoran missile, should anybody want to build a Navy Tornado.