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  1. Glad you could make some use out of my build. Watch out on the rear fuselage. Don't install the engines too soon... The nice thing with this kit is, that the seam on the spine is hidden, or are made to represent panel lines.
  2. I guess this is normal for water based acrylics. Had the same problems when I switched over from enamels to Vallejo a couple of years ago. Also I noticed if you brush on Vallejo paints, they take forever to dry. But on the other hand, I've had enamels that didn't cure for two weeks. I follow a simple rule: If I can still smell the paint with the model close to my nose, it has not yet cured fully. And never use the main solvent of the paint to remove any dust.
  3. AFAIK, he is a member here on ARC:
  4. Please check out my current build of the same kit. You might find some useful info there. Started it a few weeks too soon for this GB, and it was a fun build. Had some problems in finding the correct shade of grey, but I guess I have finally found it. And then this GB started. Going to prime it again together with my F-4F.
  5. Sorry to hear that. But we all have our builds that didn't go as planned. I am happy that you've ordered another Tornado kit and want to give it another try. That gap between the forward and the aft fuselage is what I am afraid of. Maybe that's the reason I haven't started any of my four 1/48 Tornados that are currently in my stash. I really want to build it, but then I decide to build other kits, which have their own trouble spots that require some attention.
  6. You can modify the rails from the tripe laucher to become a LAU-117 in less than 15 minutes. I did it with my F/A-18C and it looks good for 1/72 scale. But the next time I would use large round tubing to make the braces or plates or whatever they are.
  7. One issue with the Sword kit is that the LERX are completely out of shape. They are tapering towards the front, while they should be parellel to the fuselage.
  8. Wow! Three Phantoms in three weeks! I am not worthy...
  9. Maybe I'll chime in with a Gina later.
  10. Wow... Cool! I've never seen this scheme before.
  11. I am afraid that I would do more damage if I drill into that thin fuselage. I know I can't align a drill properly without a drill press. It didn't work on the 1/72 scale F-18 horizontal stabilators, and they were twice as thick. I just have to when handling the model.
  12. I scavenged the fuel vent nozzle from an older reissue of the Italeri kit. I guess the donor kit is among the lesser known Revell kits. It's the reboxed Italeri/Testors F-4E/F/G kit. It has raised detail, and I solely bought it for the Norm 81 decals and the F-4G stuff.
  13. Thank you for the pictures. I had to check the pictures I took during the Open House and I found one. I didn't realize I had a picture of 37+01 in the Norm 90J scheme until today. The mojo is still there, but I am busy with other commitments right now. Had a slight setback when I dropped the model, but was able to catch it my lap. Two days later, I noticed that the fuel vent nozzle was missing. When I built my man cave I was very smart and decided to use blue PVC flooring, as most kits are not molded in blue plastic. Out of my head, I've got four kits made out of blue plastic, all by Revell. So after about 30 minutes of searching a blue piece on a blue floor, I finally found it and tried to reattach it with a pair of tweezers. Guess what.... it launched into space. I could hear the impact, but it might have just been a riccochet before it went into orbit. I am still unsure if I should scavenge the pieces from a unstarted kit in my stash or scratch build it.
  14. Both flavours of the horizontal stabs are included in the kit.