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  1. I've tested the blue metallic nail polish with the Leveling Thinner on an blank plasctic card, but I wasn't convinced. I will give it another try. The surface was more likely uneven than rough. Probably it was still too thick. Just for a test, I sanded the paint with 3600 grit micro mesh, followed by a thick layer of Future (poured over it and let it run off). The finish looks spectacular, but I had to sand it smooth before the Furure went on. Notice the small metal flakes as opposed to automotive metallic car paint. Unfortunately, I couldn't caputere the shine of the surface on camera. The camera didn't like the uniform surface.
  2. Good to know that it also works for the Revell acrylics.
  3. Yes, I am very happy how it turned out. I've been getting good results with this laquer based thinner with gloss acrylic paints, but this was the first time I've used the Mr. Color Thinner with enamels. In regard to enamels, I have only been able to achieve that level of shine with Xtracolor in the past. Originally, I intended to use the proprietary solvent of the blue metallic nail polish, which is ethyl acetate. That's the same stuff that is in the quick setting Tamiya Extra Thin. But now I am thinking about using the Levelling Thinner for thinning it. I'll have to play around with it while paint on the model is curing.
  4. I primed the model and the major parts with a very thinned down gloss enamel blue. I've used Humbrol 14 and Mr. Color Leveling Thinner for this model, which resulted in a very shiny surface. This will be the base color for the metallic paint. I've also decided to paint the canopy by hand, as trying to make some masks proved to be more difficult than I thought it would have been. Now the model has to sit for a week until the paint is fully cured. Not going to touch it! No way!
  5. "Do you have anything agaisnt the Army?" "Yes, Napalm"
  6. Wow! Nice job, Hajo. You're really tricked me with the last picture into thinking it was a real jet for one ot two seconds...
  7. LOL! Not just you... I had a few good laughs, too. I rescribed lost detail on the fuselage spine and added another antenna, which went missing. The two opening canopies are attached temporarily with white tack and will be masked soon. Hopefully, the masks will turn out good. More on that later.
  8. I've temporarily lost the mojo while trying to get an acceptable overall color. But I want to have this model finshed for a model show by end of may, so I have to continue. Last week, the model was painted in Ammo of Mig FS35237, lightened with 10% of white, and the tail was sprayed with Tamiya X-1 gloss black as a base for the tailart. I should have pre-painted the intakes white, as masking the intakes is now a very challenging task.
  9. Umm.. Check out the Youtube Video "Stählerner Schatten". There is some footage where the napalm tanks are loaded.
  10. The real life walkway line is a solid yellow line with a red 45° dashed line directly next to it, on the outside of each area. Virtually impossible to do in this scale, so the way you did it is a good alternative, and most people do no know how the real line looks like.
  11. Looking really good.
  12. Pre-tinted clear parts. Either the tint is the wrong color, or it is too dark. And what is even worse is that every part on that same sprue, such as landing light lenses, etc. are also tinted.
  13. Oh, a Gina...Excellent choice! I was planning to do the Revell one, so we can compare the two kits. Of course, there are thirteen years in between both kits. BTW: Tobi, it is not a bunker museum, it is the Leipheim Airfield Museum, which is located inside a bunker. They also have a Huey and an Alpha Jet.
  14. It tells you at the end of the video how to contact them.
  15. Welll, we also have had the "NATO-Diesel", which referred to the smoking engines of the F-4F.