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  1. Have been doing most of my stash disposals on social media of late, but figured I’d list it here for those that don’t use those platforms. These are all stash disposals for projects I’m just not going to get around to any time soon. Most everything is 1:48, but there are a scattering of other scales included. I also have a spreadsheet that I can export to you if you want to review it that way. Review the list below and then drop me a PM with inquiries. I ship world wide, postage at cost depending on your location. PayPal (Goods and Services only) strongly preferred. While I am not really looking to trade there is one specific item that I would trade for right now (as my other WTB post lists) - Fundekals 1:48 F-106 stencils. Kits: Airfix 10103 EE Canberra PR.9 (there are extra parts in this that can be added) $27.00 Hobby Boss 80342 A-7A $31.00 Hobby Boss 80362 Yak-38/38M $19.00 Hobby Boss 81715 PLA J-11B $37.00 Kitty Hawk 80104 Jaguar A $36.00 Kitty Hawk 80106 Jaguars GR.1 $36.00 Kitty Hawk 80118 JAS-39B/D $33.00 OEZ 48003 Su-25 $16.00 Revell 85-5951 F-84G $11.00 Trumpeter 1612 1:72 Tu-16K-26 $21.00 Trumpeter 1613 1:72 Tu-16K-10 $21.00 Trumpeter 2804 MiG-19PM $27.00 Trumpeter 2810 Su-15 $30.00 Trumpeter 2826 Seahawk FGA.6 $20.00 Trumpeter 2841 J-10A $16.00 Trumpeter 2846 J-8D $26.00 Trumpeter 2848 J-10B $16.00 Trumpeter 2866 Supermarine Attacker $18.00 Trumpeter 2897 Su-9U $28.00 Trumpeter 4518 1:350 Russian Moskva (Slava Class) $34.00 Trumpeter 4531 1:350 Russian Admiral Chabanenko (Udaloy Class) $34.00 Zvezda 9058 1:350 Russian Navy Borei Class SSBN $19.00 Aftermarket: Aero Bonus 480002 Weapon Soviet MBD-3 Multiple Ejector Rack $7.00 Aero Bonus 480010 Weapon Kh-25MP $7.00 Aires 2134 MiG-23ML Cockpit (1:32 Scale) $21.00 Aires 4087 Hawker Hunter Wheel Bay $12.00 Aires 4096 F-84G Full Detail Set $30.00 Aires 4189 MiG-29 Exhausts $14.00 Aires 4453 EE Canberra Wheel Bays $12.00 Aires 4475 F-84F Wheel Bays $12.00 Aires 4501 MiG-17F Wheel Bays $12.00 Aires 4558 F-100F Cockpit (Late) $25.00 Aires 4566 F-100F Cockpit (Early) $25.00 Aires 4579 F-4B/N Wheel Bays $14.00 Aires 4580 F-4B/N Cockpit (Academy) $20.00 Aires 4588 Jaguar-A Cockpit $14.00 Aires 4595 Jaguar Wheel Bay $17.00 Aires 4598 MiG-23 Exhaust (Closed) $14.00 Aires 4606 Jaguar Speed Brakes $8.00 Aires 4642 F-100C Full Detail Set $42.00 Aires 4670 L-29 Cockpit $21.00 Aires 4688 F-4C/D Wheel Wells / Gear Doors $14.00 Aires 4700 F-14A Exhaust (Closed) $14.00 Aires 4722 MiG-31 Speed Brakes $8.00 Aires 4743 Su-17/22M3/M4 Chaff/Flare Dispensers (Empty) $8.00 Aires 4744 MiG-27 Exhaust Nozzle (Late, Closed) $14.00 Aires 4747 Su-17/22M3/M4 Chaff/Flare Dispensers (Covered) $10.00 Aires 4750 Hawker Sea Fury Wheel Bay $8.00 Aires 4756 MiG-27 Exhaust (Early, Closed) $14.00 Avionix 48027 A-7A Cockpit $15.00 Avionix 48028 F-111A Cockpit $18.00 Ciro C410 Su-17/22 UM-3K Conversion $31.00 CMK 4016 Il2M3 Control Surfaces $9.00 CMK 4020 Il2M3 Detail Set $23.00 Cutting Edge 48115 Hawker Hunter Cockpit (no seat) $15.00 Echelon 357156 BM-21 GRAD Mirrors $5.00 Echelon 357157 BTR-80/80A Mirrors $5.00 Eduard Brassin 648026 MiG-21 Wheels $5.00 Eduard Brassin 648028 Weapon AIM-9B $5.00 Eduard Brassin 648043 Weapon R-27R/R1 AA-10 Alamo-A $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648048 Weapon R-27T/T1 AA-10 Alamo-B $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648049 MiG-21 Wheel Wells $10.00 Eduard Brassin 648053 Su-27 Wheels $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648054 Su-25 Wing Pylons $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648080 MiG-21 Undercarriage Legs (Bronze) $23.00 Eduard Brassin 648082 Weapon R-60/AA-8 Aphid $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648088 Weapon R-23R / AA-7 Apex $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648090 Weapon R-23T / AA-7 Apex $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648103 MiG-21F Wheels $5.00 Eduard Brassin 648104 MiG-23M/MF Exhaust $12.00 Eduard Brassin 648110 MiG-21PFM Wheels $5.00 Eduard Brassin 648122 Weapon R-13M/AA-2 Atoll-D $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648126 Weapon OFAB-100 Bomb $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648127 Weapon OFAB-250 Bomb $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648143 Weapon R-77/AA-12 Adder $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648144 MiG-21PF Cockpit $18.00 Eduard Brassin 648186 Weapon AIM-4D $7.00 Eduard Brassin 648195 Weapon AS.34 Kormoran $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648213 A-4 Wheels (early) $5.00 Eduard Brassin 648249 Weapon AS.34 Kormoran 1 $8.00 Eduard Brassin 648252 Weapon Sniper ATP $5.00 Eduard Photoetch 48767 MiG-21F-13 Exterior $12.00 Eduard Photoetch 48769 MiG-21F-13 Undercarriage $10.00 Eduard Photoetch 48775 Yak-3 Landing Flaps $12.00 Eduard Photoetch 48783 MiG-21PFM Exterior $13.00 Eduard Photoetch 48786 MiG-29 9-13 FOD Covers $12.00 Eduard Photoetch 48787 MiG-29 9-13 Exterior $10.00 Eduard Photoetch 48891 Su-33 Exterior $15.00 Eduard Photoetch 48917 Su-27 Exterior $17.00 Eduard Photoetch 48921 Su-34 Exterior $14.00 Eduard Photoetch 48927 Yak-28P Exterior $19.00 Eduard Photoetch 48968 MiG-25PD Exterior $20.00 Eduard Photoetch 49493 B-57G Interior $18.00 Eduard Photoetch 49571 MiG-21MF Interior (Late) $15.00 Eduard Photoetch 49621 MiG-21F-13 Interior $15.00 Eduard Photoetch 49691 Yak-3 Interior $17.00 Eduard Photoetch 49775 Su-11 Interior $17.00 Eduard Photoetch 49778 Su-33 Interior $14.00 Eduard Photoetch 49781 MIG-31B/BS Full Set $17.00 Eduard Photoetch 49813 Su-27 Interior $13.00 Eduard Photoetch 49824 Su-34 Interior $10.00 Eduard Photoetch 49841 Yak-28P Interior $17.00 Eduard Photoetch 49928 MiG-25PD Interior $13.00 Eduard Photoetch 49931 F-16C/N Undercarriage $15.00 Eduard Photoetch BIG49103 Gloster Javelin Big Ed Set $45.00 Eduard Photoetch BIG4996 Jaguar A Big Ed Set $25.00 HAD Models 35001 SA-6 Missile Upgrades $27.00 Kazan 3 Su-9 Conversion for Su-7 $15.00 Kazan 4 Su-11 Conversion for Su-7 $15.00 North Star Models 48030 Su-27 Exhaust (Photo Etch) $16.00 Orion Models 48001 F-16 Fuselage Reinforcement Plates $3.00 Quickboost 48118 MiG-29 Air Sensing Units $4.00 Quickboost 48129 Su-27 Antennas $4.00 Quickboost 48237 MiG-29 Ejection Seat $5.00 Quickboost 48558 Jaguar A Gun Barrels $3.00 Quickboost 48563 MiG-15 Ejection Seat $5.00 Quickboost 48573 Jaguar A Air Scoops $4.00 Quickboost 48649 MiG-21UM Sensors/Probes $3.00 Quickboost 48677 Su-9 Air Scoops $4.00 Quickboost 48678 Su-9 Pitot Tubes $4.00 Quickboost 48679 Su-9 Antennas $3.00 Quickboost 48702 Tornado IDS Antennas $4.00 Quickboost 48703 L-29 Canopy Rail $4.00 Quickboost 48727 Su-15 Landing Lights $5.00 Quickboost 48803 Su-24 MAK L-082 IRTWS $5.00 Quickboost 48837 MiG-25 Landing Lights $5.00 Quickboost 48847 Yak-28 Landing Lights $5.00 Quickboost 48853 Su-27 Front Wheel Fender (Early) $4.00 Quickboost 48854 Su-27 Front Wheel Fender (Late) $4.00 SBS 48018 Hawker Hunter Upgrade Kit $14.00 SKP 191 T-64 Lenses and Taillights $4.00 SKP 218 BMP-3 Lenses and Taillights $4.00 Voyager 35533 2S6M Photoetch $10.00 Wolfpack 48029 Hawker Hunter F.1/2/3/4 Conversion $5.00 Decals AK Interactive AK803 Russian Naval Infantry - BTR-80, PT-76B, SA-13 & ZSU-23-4 $5.00 AK Interactive AK804 War in Chechnya Russian Tanks and AFVs $5.00 AK Interactive AK806 Modern Russian Tanks and AFVs $5.00 Cutting Edge 32004 USAF F-4C/DS & RF-4CS - Southeast Asia Schemes #1 - Partial with Extras $8.00 Eagle Cals 3240 Bf109G-6 - JG-1, JG-11 and JG-54 (Missing Trautloft Markings) $6.00 Echelon 356186 BTR-80s around the world $7.00 Echelon 356187 BTR-80s in Ukrainian Conflict $7.00 Echelon 356188 T-80s in Chechnya & Transnistria $7.00 Echelon 356193 Ukrainian AFVs Part 1: BMP-1, BMP-2 & T-64BV $8.00 Echelon 356194 Ukrainian AFVs Part 2: BMP-1, BMP-2 & T-64BV $8.00 Echelon 356200 Novorossian AFVs (Ukraine-Russia Crisis) Part 4: BMP-2 $7.00 Echelon 356202 Novorossian AFVs (Ukraine-Russia Crisis) Part 6: BM-21 & BMP-1 $7.00 Echelon 356203 Novorossian AFVs (Ukraine-Russia Crisis) Part 7: BMP-1 & BMP-2 $7.00 Echelon 356204 Novorossian AFVs (Ukraine-Russia Crisis) Part 8: BTR-80 & BMP-2 $7.00 Echelon 356206 Ukrainian Common Tactical Numbers & Other Markings $7.00 Echelon 356208 Ukrainian AFVs Part 5: BTR-80 $7.00 Echelon 356210 Novorossian AFVs (Ukraine-Russia Crisis) Part 9: 2S1 & BMP-2K $7.00 Echelon 356212 Soviet AFVs (Afghanistan) Part 1: BMP-1P & BMP-2D $7.00 Echelon 356213 Soviet AFVs (Afghanistan) Part 2: BRDM-2, BRDM-2RKhb & BMP-2D $7.00 Echelon 356214 Syrian AFVs Part 1: BMP-1, BMP-2, 2S1 & 2S3 $7.00 Echelon 356215 Ukrainian AFVs Part 6: BRDM-2, BRDM-2RKhb, 2S3, BTR-70, BTR-80 & T-64B $9.00 Echelon 356218 Ukrainian AFVs Part 7: 9K33M3, BRDM-2 & BTR-80 $7.00 Eduard XF528 Hurricane Camoflage Mask - Scheme B $5.00 Eduard XF544 F-104 Surface Panels $5.00 Books/Magazines: AK Interactive Tanker Magazine 2 - Extra Armor $9.00 AK Interactive Tanker Magazine 4 - Damage Inc. $9.00 Ammo of MIG Weathering Magazine 08 - Vietnam $7.00 PLA Editions Abrams Squad 10 $9.00 Rinaldi Tank Art 2 - Allied Armor $49.00 Rinaldi Tank Art 3 - Modern Armor $33.00
  2. Getting close to the decal phase for my 1:48 F-106. Looking for this stencil set: Fundekals 1:48 F-106 Stencils These are sold out at the manufacturer, but I’m told that they’re printing more soon, so hopefully one of you that don’t have an active project would be willing to part with a set. I will pay a premium for them.....
  3. As I am reaching the decal phase of this project, I discovered that the F-106 stencils from Fundekals are sold out. Apparently they plan to reprint them, just not soon enough for my project. So instead of shelving the project, I am looking for somebody that might be willing to part with a set (happy to pay) if they’re not going to use them any time soon, or if they have a spare. Thanks in Advance!
  4. After quite a bit of research, we found the Su-11 cockpit to be quite a bit different from the Su-9. The Su-11 not only has a completely different instrument panel and radar scope because of the newer radar installed in the type. The port console is pretty much entirely new. The CAD guys are working on that cockpit now, so I expect to have renderings to show soon.
  5. There are plenty of photos of the resin on our page - including a build-up of the exhaust. I am working on better photos of the cockpit now. The seat does not have PE belts - but that's a function of the KS seats not really having a harness - as best as we can tell, the pilots wore the harness to the aircraft and was "clipped" into the seat, much like the F-100.
  6. Hey guys - wanted to drag this thread back up to announce that these sets are finished through production and shipping now! I'll post more photos when I can get them loaded to some place that they can be shared here, but for now: Our web store where you can order the parts: http://www.redstarscalemodels.com/category-s/109.htm We have also launched 1:48 MiG-31 wheels for the AMK kit - the improve the kit wheels by adding the missing tire details, and are also one piece, removing the assembly hassle. You can find photos on our website, and PLENTY of material on our Facebook page - search Red Star Scale Models. More soon!
  7. Sorry to hear that paint in the mail is hard to do. But at least it sounds like there are still shops around up there. In our case the US hobby shop is getting harder and harder to find. I have to either source paint from one of our distributors or mail order a specialty brand.
  8. Guys - I hate to say it, but MM paint is yesteryear's technology. Once you try some of the newer paint available, you'll quickly figure out why it's really no big loss for those to be going away. And regardless of whether you try MR Paint or not - between Vallejo, Akan, MIG, AK, and all the other brands that have been springing up over the last few years, you'll be shocked at how much better they are.
  9. Shawn ordered some of the exhausts himself - so I'll be interested to hear what he has to say. The feedback I received so far is that they're very useful for the Hasegawa and Kinetic kits as they're custom fit to those models. Several customers should have them in hand by now, so hopefully there will be some good feedback soon!
  10. Yes, we have also recommended several other US FS numbers to be included in the range, so stay tuned for updates! Also for the person that referenced the Russian colors - in the MM rack most of them are poor matches - Both MR Paint and AKAN are superior on this front.
  11. RF-84 is due literally any day, and right now we have a special going with the 10% off coupon where you can pre-order at the lower price. Like we did with the MiG-31 and Su-33, these will ship the day they arrive here.
  12. Hey guys - We just got in the latest F-16 updates from KASL. This time brings three new 1:48 Pratt & Whitney F100 exhausts - one for each of the major kit manufacturers: Tamiya, Hasegawa and Kinetic. If you haven't see their other updates, you're in for a treat - one piece noses, early tails and backdate sets and more. Also the earlier families of parts for the F-35, F-5 and more. You can find them all on our website: http://www.redstarscalemodels.com/category-s/114.htm We'll have another update shortly on our 1:48 Su-9 and MiG-31 parts, as well as a TON of information on MR Paint, which we are bringing into the US market for the first time! Drop me a line if you have any questions!
  13. Good afternoon friends - Quick update that we have just received a fresh shipment from KASL - this includes three new sets of PW F-16 exhausts for the various 1:48 kits. Also back in stock are the popular F-86 updates. If you haven't tried KASL yet, take a look through our online catalog - the stuff is just superb. If you're building a AFV Club F-5 or a Kitty Hawk F-35, you definitely need to have a look! Also check out our kit clearance sale, use coupon code KitClearance10 for an extra 10% off in-stock kits and pre-orders! https://www.redstarscalemodels.com KASL Page: http://www.redstarscalemodels.com/category-s/114.htm We will have updates early next week on our long awaited Su-9 resin updates and new 1:48 MiG-31 wheels for the AMK kit. Also lots of news around MR Paint as we continue to bring that into the US market! And as always follow us on Facebook: Red Star Scale Models
  14. Agreed - this was 1:32 F11F, not F11F..... There's still hope of 1:48 F11F, so we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully KH will have something to show us at Nationals here in ten days!
  15. No, they will be available via many traditional outlets, but as far as this first premiere of the kit, we will be the only ones with the kit at the big IPMS show - IF - they're finished in time. Much as I'd like to have an exclusive on the F-20, it should be available via all the same outlets where the X-47B was.
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