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  1. I've caught up on this amazing build of yours and it is nothing short of Brilliant! The little lamps you created for the LED's were so cool like everything else you've added. All the detail work you added though is way beyond cool really and in the way of that detail you've pretty much added everything as you've gone along. Your dedication to this is incredible! Will be popping in to keep track on this as you progress further along with it. It's sort of like a new chapter with all the 3D printed pieces you are trialling now and I must say I'm looking forward to seeing the crawler stage of the build that'll complement your amazing MLP. The shoes and sprockets you've had created look great.
  2. I'm now at the end of page 30 and WOW. What you have done is just insanely crazy GOOD! The LED's have just added another dimension to what is already incredible and I'm glad you added them as it shows off all that work so much better since the blast shields went on. If I wore a hat I'd take it off for you sir. I love what you've done and it's just so amazing how much detail you've added up to this page. Much of it so tiny yet you are doing an unbelievable job of replicating all of it and it all makes your MLP that much more impressive. I can't believe what you done with it and just how you go about achieving the results. It's great that you are showing your scratch building techniques in such detail. You are a very talented Manfred.
  3. I'm only ten pages into your build but wanted to comment already what an amazing amount of fine detail you're putting into this MLP. It sure is going to look spectacular when done with your eye for all the detail. You have some great skills and I look forward to reading more of your journey tomorrow.
  4. Wombat

    Apogee's 1/70 Saturn V - anyone?

    I built one a long time ago and it went together well. Had never done a build like that before but the video instructions made it relatively easy going. In my view it makes a nice display piece for what it is. I'd say a better display piece than the Dragon version that in my view just has too many issues for my liking. But as said that's just my view of it. I don't have it anymore but I'm contemplating getting another.
  5. Wombat

    1/72 Saturn V - a reboot of sorts

    That really is some incredible work that you are doing there. Wow this is exactly what I'm think about for a new build. I just don't have the ability that you obviously have to do it for myself but this looks like it'll be the ultimate 1/72 scale Saturn V. I think what you are doing is fantastic! It will look stunning when you are done and hopefully you have been able to make some more progress on it since your last post. Beautiful work sir!
  6. Wombat

    Bought a Printer!

    That's some impressive works you fellas are achieving there.
  7. Wombat

    Hello from Down Under

    Thanks for the welcome, Bill and yeah you nailed it mate. Appreciate the reply on what maybe a crazy idea. I have no skill when it comes to computers and what many seem to be able to not only do but do with incredible accuracy. It really is amazing what people can do in a computer these days and then turn into a physical rendition of that item. I feel that people that know and love the subject that have that ability is my best avenue to seeing if it can be done rather than just having the CAD drawn by someone that can do it. It will really come down to if I can find someone that can and would be happy to do but of course what the dollar outlay will be that will decide whether it's a doable thing. I really wouldn't be fussed if it was a single contribution or a group sort of thing when it comes to the CAD work as long as all were working to the same level of detail. If that was the case then either would work and as I mentioned I may be able to have the prints done as masters to get molded and castings done if others were keen to go down the same path I'm thinking of for a Saturn V. A group build of some nice and accurate 1/72 birds would be pretty cool! Anyway thanks again for the welcome and we'll see if these leads to anything I guess. Cheers mate.
  8. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm Phil and I reside down here in Australia. I've had a bit of a thing for manned space flight for a lot of years. The Apollo era and the mighty Saturn V being my favourites. I also at times have tried my hand at some modelling. Mostly sci fi but a few real space amongst them. Unfortunately I lost them all from an unforeseen happening but I have been thinking about maybe building another Saturn V again. I had built the Apogee 1/70 version some years back and was thinking of maybe getting another to replace the one I lost. If the 1/72 Dragon kit wasn't what it is then I'd have grabbed one of those but I actually think the Apogee would be a better choice with all the issues the Dragon version has? But that is just me.. Another thought has been popping into my head though which some on here sure seem to have an ability with. That thought is hiring someone with the ability to draw up some files that could be printed to build a nicely detailed Saturn V using Plastruct tubing and perhaps the Dragon CSM. I just have know ideas on the cost to have all the parts drawn as printable files or where to actually enquire about it. Here seems perhaps as good as place as any as you fellas know your stuff which is very important when it comes to such things. I know of someone down here in Australia that apparently has some good printing equipment but what he'd charge to do so I have know idea. I had mentioned something of my thought to him in the past and he said if I get some files he could do. We never spoke of the dollars though as that's where it would get scary I guess. I could also perhaps have the prints made as masters and then have those molded and castings produced to share with others out there that have the same issues I have with what is available in a largish scale. I'm only thinking about another stacked version as for me it's how it'd be displayed. Anyway it's just a thought at this stage but if anyone can chime in on what something drawn up along those lines may cost I'd be keen to hear. With the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 fast approaching it really has the interest bubbling away again. This was my 1/70 I build around 10 years back. Do I get another or pursue my crazy thought??