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  1. Great work there! Glad you could acquire some glue to proceed with the fuselage. The scratch rail can't even be told apart from the resin one!
  2. Dropping the rollerons will certainly add to the "reality of the subject, but it is also something that could easily go wrong so in the end it has to be your choice!
  3. That glare shield looks just fine to me!😉
  4. Looking very good Kurnass! Hard to believe this is braille scale...!
  5. Looking very good thus far!
  6. Magnificent work there! Just a small question, why did some of the Tomcats have the refueling door of the probe removed?
  7. Looking at pictures of the 37 and 27 I think your assumption is correct Ken. The 37 nose does look visually longer and the lengths confirm this. I think once the nose is filled and re-profiled it will look the part. What is the diameter difference in real life and in scale? Perhaps a bit of extra beef there will help it look the part more after all?
  8. Keep up the great work Elkin. Have been following this one close for a while now. Your Cheetah really seems to look like a stunner in the making. Keep it up!
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