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  1. There is quite a bit of aftermarket for the S-3 in 1/48. I've got a set of "Early" Fan/Inlet set from Sierra Hotel Models and a metal Scale Aircraft Conversions landing gear set. I don't know that metal is needed, but as I'm adding a resin cockpit, I thought it couldn't hurt (plus I got a good deal oneBay). I also have the True Details Cockpit Set for the S-3B that I think was originally from KMC. Someone also makes a new Sonobuoy Launcher section replacement that has the mods of the S-3B belly area that the S-3B had. You may need to do some searching on your favorite vendors' site(s), but there is stuff out there for it.


    Here's some pics of the engine set:











    The photos aren't the best, but you can see that the fan blades are much sharper than the original plastic.

  2. 15 hours ago, Bobo1953 said:


    hi don.

    first out, thanks a lot for your appraisal of my little birds.

    manufacturer and scale are in the title of each of the googlepoto albums of which i gave the link to.

    anyway, it's all 1/72; the f-102 is a meng case xx; the f-84f italeri, the ho4s-3 again, italeri.

    just tell me, don the mon-key handler, i personally feel as having shown-off enough, but would you like me to post, from 2017 too, also an ad-h skyraider (1/72, hasegawa) ?




    Thanks for the info, Bobo. I did notice that when I went to your albums that the information was there. Sorry… :dontknow:

    I'd love to see the A-1.

  3. 19 hours ago, BillS said:

    Not to throw a monkey wrench in the machinery but I thought a beige color was appropriate. I googled "S-3 Viking interior" and several pics came up and they show the consoles for the SENSO/TACCO and some of the trim work is a beige or buff. Some of the avionics by contrast are DDG. The pilot's area is DDG for sure but I remember crawling in one where the curtain between compartments was also that color.

    Do you mean DGG (Dark Gull Gray)?

  4. Wow, some great work, guys. Zero completions for me this year, unfortunately.:tumble: Looks almost like the Tamiya Tomcat would get Model of the Year awards from ARC members.

    Bobo, please include manufacturer and scale on your photos. You've got some really nice models there.


  5. Wow! That's very nice work. The PC-21 looks like it's going fast just sitting there! What model and scale, please. I wish there were more Pilatus aircraft available in 1/48.

  6. I'm not really keen on assembling individual cylinders to a crankcase, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried to fit the Quickboost FM-2 engine into the Vector cowl? I was able to get the engine done properly on my Czech Models Fireball, hence my hesitation... :-\ I will if I have to, but if I can get away with not doing it…
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  7. On 11/23/2017 at 1:36 PM, helonewb said:

    Yes, I forgot about the Scalewox Alouette III.  I have 2 on order.


    I also forgot about the Lynx, but to be fair, the project was led by Westland, and the current kit (Airfix and Academy) are for recent Lynx models.  The French Navy use an older model that cannot be depicted with the Airfix kit.  You can depict a French Navy Lynx with the limited run Belcher Bits Lynx though.  The Academy kit is a rebox of the Airfix Navy Lynx for the ROK Navy.

    Mike Belcher of "Belcher Bits" has a nice early Naval Lynx conversion. The decals are very nice, too (you get two identical sheets).





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