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  1. 19 hours ago, 11bee said:

    Anyone else getting an urge for a new-tool Loach / Cobra?



    A 1/48 early OH-6A, that's up to today's standards would be appreciated. There's been quite a few requests for an AH-1G in 1/48 as well.

    Maybe if Kittyhawk's UH-1 sells well, then they'll see fit to do them… :dontknow:

  2. I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that there were different P-51D seats, I thought they were standardized. 

    Hopefully someone will be along soon with the correct information.

  3. If you can find the Hobbycraft variant (this kit was originally a HC kit) cheaper than the Academy and you don't want to go the Hobbyboss route, that would probably be the way to go. The decals were much improved over earlier HC kits.

  4. If anyone has access to Ft Campbell, they've got a OH-58D on static display. It still has all the gear in back and it looks like the MMS is complete, too.

    I just haven't been able to photos yet, whenever I go to the PX or pharmacy, I forget to take my camera. :dontknow:

  5. I got to fly with a friend in one over Southern Spain in the summer of 1976. It belonged to the flying club at NS Rota. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos and I can't remember what kind of finish it had. I did think it odd, at the time, that it had an "N number" on the side.

  6. That looks really nice! Thanks for the photos and for giving us a look at you decals, Kursad.

    Which is exported more, the Embraer or Shorts version?

    If they do a Shorts version I may end up getting all three Tucano/Super Tucanos. :sunrevolves:

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