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  1. The Academy/Hobbycraft kit seems to be adapted from the Airfix F2H-2, many of the parts are similar. I used to have both kits in the stash and it was easy to see the family resemblance.
  2. It may be worth looking at the instructions to compare available parts for the two kits. MiG-23BN http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10341608
  3. How does this kit compare to the old Fujimi kit? Is this an ESCI mold?
  4. I'm (slowly) making the switch to postimage.org. So far it's quick and easy. I'm downloading my pics to my hard drive then I'll upload them to Postimage.
  5. I have F4Dable Models' F-18D sheet for Malaysian aircraft and it's a beauty, looks to be very well done. I'd like to get some Spanish or Finnish markings for my single seater.
  6. Looks like the Photobucket policy change monster is at work on Ray's photos.
  7. DonSS3

    RAF Invader Mk I

    I think, as it's a Whiffer, I'd find photos of Mosquitoes that fit the role you want to depict and use them as a guide. If you're wanting to do a anti-shipping aircraft, I'd look at Beaufighters for inspiration.
  8. FS 30279 looks more "right" to me. I don't know if it is or not, but to me that's how lit looks.
  9. DonSS3

    F4F-4 Colors

    I used the MM Blue Gray and Light Gull Gray on my Tamiya 1/48 F4U-2 and I'm happy with how it came out. Photo taken outside in natural mid-morning sunlight.
  10. I've only ever seen photos, but 20400 doesn't look quite right to me.
  11. Looks great! Probably as good, or better than the detail on Monogram's 1/48 kit!
  12. I'd suggest that if you've got period photos showing the four guns, then go with that. I can't help with the LEs unfortunately.
  13. The Su-22 shoot down article. Looking at the photo on my tablet I couldn't really tell at first glance if it was a D or an F.
  14. I think those decals are from the Monogram era where they don't react well to decal setting solutions. In other words, just use water on them. When the decals are dry and settled in place, take a damp cloth and wipe away any leftover residue around the decal.
  15. I know about the vagaries of lighting, photo processing, monitor differences, etc, but from some of the photos I've seen, FS Dark Gull Gray would probably be in the right neighborhood.
  16. Would this version, without extensive modifications, be appropriate for any of the export MiG-25s?
  17. You did a great job on that old dog!
  18. What's the "plate" forward of the lower ALQ-144? I don't think I've ever seen that.
  19. I guess it's kind of off topic, but I feel the same way.
  20. I do wish someone would come up with a replacement for the Model USA O-1 an the Hawk/Testors/Italeri O-2. Roden or AMK...
  21. Very cool! What are the square hatches on the starboard fuselage and that big thing on the port half supposed to represent?
  22. I think you're right about the Mk.60s, but I thought the one in the first pic was a Mk.52. You could be right though. Other than the first shot, I just added the others for the visual perspective.
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