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  1. Just completed this i used ,eduard etch interior, exterior and equipment sets ,and scratch built front seats, I've not bult the revell, fujimi or airfix sea king kits,but this one went together really well, a few corrections from the base kit to produce this version,but nothing major,i painted it with mr hobby and tamiya paints
  2. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Thanks Jim, much appreciated
  3. Didn't know the 1/1 mers dimensions, but the amount the eduard mers are off doesn't surprise me, just looking at mers fitted A6s and then offering them up to the 48th scale model set alarm bells ringing, before trying them with bombs, just goes to show how spectacularly even well respected company's can get it so wrong. Jari this is what I was 90%sure of, but there was a lingering doubt, BTW a few weeks ago I followed my own advice and bought the hobbyboss A7e just for the mers and extra bombs, may use the kit as a paint mule my eduard ones will be resigned to the spares bo
  4. If you may, do have info on the war horses snakeye loads, if that was similar to the CBUs load you mentioned, thanks Glynn Or will it be in the book?
  5. Hi specter.have a look at. A10 -LOADER 'S REVELL-monogram a6 tram intruder build, in the in progress section.you may have to type it in search. he highlights the issues with the CBUs and mers from eduard. I've got eduard mers and the eduard snakeyes for mine and can confirm they dont fit either. Glynn Btw hasegawas weapon set costs nearly as much as the hobbyboss a7e
  6. Hobbyboss mers and CBUs fit fine, now you've identified your kit, there are only two mers in it, so you'll need another two, from somewhere, if you end up buying eduards mers it will be expensive as you'll need two sets(3per box) And its the eduard mers that pose fit problems with either they're own resin bombs or the kit ones, you'll also need more CBUs from what I remember there aren't enough on the hobbyboss sprues for a slant 4 load (16), probably the cheapest and guaranteed fit is to buy the hobbyboss A7e kit and use the 2 mers and the CBUs you need from it(same weopons sprues
  7. What kit, and mers are you using, revell, hobbyboss? I know The 1/48 aftermarket mers from eduard are nicley detailed but they are a bit short for revell, hobby boss or eduards own cbu's or rockeyes for that matter, to varying degrees, there are a couple of builds in the forum mentioning it. and my own 48th scale warhorses hb a6 build has (temporarily) stalled because of it , if your already clued in on this fair do's, hope it go's well, My thoughts, if your using the very nicely detailed 1/48 hb kit, is to buy the mistake ridden 48th hb corsair a7 e kit, ยฃ22 in the UK, w
  8. Good job, looks like you've avoided any dreaded alignment issues, that would have been eye catching
  9. Steve, I'm going to attempt the same tricky bit as you this weekend, lining up poor fitting eduard parts, I've been putting it off since I found the size discrepancy on mine , but I must move on, it isn't going on the shelf, I'll be watching yours, all the best
  10. Very Much better than the eduard offerings I've just put together, great job on the dremel .i like the control panel on the backs too, I'm pondering on using 4 hobbyboss ones now its apparent that my eduard snakeyes don't fit the eduard mers
  11. Stunning cockpit reference, nice one colin, And only taken monday?
  12. Gw that is a great help, I'm going now with a grey inner mer And white outer, many thanks Glynn
  13. Ahh, I was unaware Colin, thanks Dirty Navy Birds works for me
  14. Fantastic jari, just what I was after an idea of the spine walkway, and how it looks against the surrounding greys, thank you so much, here's my effort, complete guess work to be quite honest, One more thing if I may, it looks like both mers look white in the photo would that be the norm, I was thinking inside ones to be grey, (constantly fitted) and maybe outers white, depending on what was in the stores (only fitted for missions), cheers
  15. It's the 1/48 hobbyboss a-6e aoa sandbox decals, for once its a pretty good kit, not like the f-111 or A-7 or thunderchief (ect ect) abortions, some eduard etch sets and resin seats, thanks again
  16. Colin this thread has inspired me to make myself a member here, as I'm building a va55 warhorses, tram intruder from the Libya raids, I was researching weathering on tps camo and us navy jets, great thread with wonderfully pictures thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Some see just grey, there's a lot more!
  17. Will do Mr matt, thanks for the welcome, seeing as your a jet man, a snippet of the tram intruder I'm currently working on, a va55 bomb truck It'll be wings up, load out will be 16, slant 4 snakeyes, trying to represent a warhorses a6 from the Libya raids
  18. I'm a new member here, a few of my recent builds Bobcat yak 28p firebar and a f-84f in luftwaffe livery.,1/48 Typoon, hasegawa, p47 tamiya Different, but, Donald Campbell's Water speed record breaking blubird, resin kit scratch built cockpit and other bits in 1/48
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