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  1. LMAO, I brake all of your rules. My "model room" is actually a workbench set up in our living room (1 bed room apt), so your second rule is regularly broken, but not near the workbench! As for your first rule, I've done some of my best work while listening to Meshuggah. I don't know why, but extreme metal just calms me down. OP, I'm like Howard Hughes with washing my hands, so that's a thing, but it's a thing with literally everything I do, so I'm not counting it as a point for myself. My rules are (in no particular order): -No food on the workbench. -NO F
  2. Looking good Sean! I've still not done a damn thing to mine... still sitting in limbo. I really need to get in gear and finish it already!
  3. Look closer. That first picture does in fact have the same three tone camo as the other.
  4. I'm sure they had some crazy stories for you. We were nowhere near the incident, but we did have to take precautions because atmospheric fallout did reach our city. Virtually everybody knew somebody that was directly affected. I've got cousins and family friends that were firemen, nurses and liquidators. One of my father's military collogues was (is?) a nuclear engineer and was in one of the other control rooms during the accident. I've heard many, many personal stories when I was younger. One of my mom's school friends was a nurse, and her husband one of the
  5. But... even the updated version has a bunch of holes and is kind of vague. When assembling the cockpit, don't miss the ejection pull chord thing... the instructions don't mention it. It was a good thing my kit came with two sprues that contained the seat, otherwise I would have been screwed. I have a build thread going in the "in progress" sub forum. I outlined a bunch of "issues" so please take a look before you dig in, as it may prove helpful. I'm at the end of the build, so basically anything you need you will probably find there.
  6. I believe you on this 100%. I built their Su-35 and used the kit cockpit, and it looks damn fine. I can only assume the Su-27UB cockpit is at least as good, and probably even better. I'm more interested in these Quinta products for other builds, where the in box cockpit may leave something to be desired. These would have been killer in my Eduard Mig-21sm build from last summer (though I see they do not yet have one). I'll probably use these when I take a stab at re-creating the MiG-21I Analog with the use of an Eduard MiG-21 kit, if they come out with an appropriate cockpit b
  7. Yeh I had to get creative too... but that's my point, we are paying extra for that to already be done, and then still having to fuss with it... and it will never look as good as it should. I feel it would look better if we were able to paint our own color, and then lay a decal over to fill the finer details. PE detail should take a decal much better than a molded out of the box cockpit (which still tend to take decals just fine).
  8. Hmm, definitely still grainy, but looks less grainy than Eduard. I guess I'll just have to wait until I get my hands on a set.
  9. But are the colors at least solid? Eduard's colors are grainy as hell... Like I wish they would just offer the option of un-painted PE with a decal instead of pre-painted.
  10. You said it right there... they need more effort to prepare, that translates to "they are rougher." All good if you don't mind filling giant gaps and fixing steps and whatnot, but some people prefer not to have to deal with that on a modern kit. That's why I liked GWH's offerings so much... I could focus on paint, and didnt need to do much filling and re-scribing.
  11. ...cant be any worse than Eduard's offerings... those look like.... just what supermeister said. Color waaay off and looks like the same quality as what you see on a milk carton. Sorry, Eduard, but just calling it as I see it.
  12. Not even gonna bother with this thing. GWH is clearly pretty committed to the Su-27 family and I'm happy to hold out for that, knowing it will be so very damn good. The Su-35 was just such a pleasure to build, I can only see the subsequent releases being even better.
  13. In case you guys think I dumped this project and fell of the face of the earth... neither is true! I was on furlough, and I got into gardening, and I spent a lot of time doing that... and then I scratched my cornea and had to deal with that for the last month and a half. Needless to say, working on models with one bad eye is a futile effort, especially at this stage of the build, so I have not bothered. Now that the eye is better, I'll be finishing this thing once and for all, but not before I take my first and last Kayak fishing trip of 2020.
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