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  1. English is not my first language, so my text may seem confuse and offensive. It's not by purpose, just by incompetence... I think eletric cars today are better products than ICE cars. Although not a pure eletric, but an hybrid, I bought a Prius one year ago. It's a worderfull marvel of engeenering, but while I recognize Priuses are more complex than fuel based cars and purely eletric cars, it was also a necessary step towards eletric cars. I think that its replacement, 4 or 5 years from now, will be a purely eletric one. I can adequate the hike in eletric consumption by decreasing the expenditure on fossil fuel and producing eletric power from a roof solar panel (btw, my next aquisiton). The car industry perfected the "affordable" ICE products through 120 years of evolution, and, in most cases, direct, indirect or disguised subsidies from most goverments through that period. It's only fair to grant a mere share of that subsidies to the eletric car industry
  2. Hybrid cars like Toyota's Prius and new Corolas, Nissan's Rogue and Volvo's XC60 (among others) do exactly that. But eletric engines are being seen as the future of the car industry, while hybrid cars are mere shortcuts.
  3. Both colours are the same shade of blue, X-4 is gloss and XF-8 is flat. They followed the recipe in other kits, with other colours, for example, in the P-51B, one should mix equal parts of X7 (gloss red) and XF-7 (flat red). I think the purpose is to produce a satin finish. to the colours. In both kits I skipped the advice, prefering to adjust the sheen with clear finishes
  4. Kinetic kits are not confined to F-16s and F-18s. They have a very extensive line of NATO planes, from late 70 - early 2000. For example, Sea Harriers, Mirage III E (lot of variants), 2000 C/E, F-5A/B, E-2 C Hawkeyes. Kin's Mirage IIIEs and F-5A/Bs, for example, are the best models of these planes in this scale, both in detailing as in shape/fit, and models of very significant airplanes, that can be built in almost endeless variety of schemes and markings. As with most kits, one should read reviews to know what to expect and pittfalls to avoid, since one particular weak point of the brand seems the instructions. Almost all of their kits have some mistakes, like moulding two port wigtip tanks for their F-5As (corrected in latter boxings). Also, their fit is not Tamiya/Eduard/ZM like, being more in the league of current Airfix or Revell kits. I would reccomend Kinetics for modellers who want nice kits of significant planes.
  5. Despite its name, Walthers Solvaset is not a decal setting agent, but a pretty strong decal solvent. IMO, the instrument panel is probably ruined, but you could use milder setting agents to prepare the surface for the decal, like Microset, Mr. Mark Setter, and Tamiya Mark Fit (regular). Another aproach would be placing the decal over a dab of Future to ensure it conforms the surface
  6. Most of the time, those PE parts aren't subjected to stress, so a very neat technique is using clear acrylic varnish (Tamiya X-22 will do the trick). Just aplly the varnish to the gluing surface and place the part. The bond is not very strong, so be carefull touching the glued parts afterwards. I you do any mistake, just aplly some flat varnish to hide it
  7. If there is, we haven't seen it yet. Don't forget earlier F-4Cs were painted in LGG/White for the sake of "commonality" and "cost reduction" with their Navy counterparts and that F-111A/B/FB were the "stars" of this rationale.
  8. Academy's Phantom II instruction sheet has a very usefull paint chart with several brands http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10240628/60/1
  9. Luke didn't give up! He finally understood that no one could be a "perfect" Jedi (or a perfect Sith, for that matter), that light and dark are sides of the vital force that connects everything in the universe, and one has to balance good and evil to be strong with the force. And yes, I didn't like my hero since 1977 to go wherever Obi Wan and Yoda are , but that's what makes TLJ truly special.
  10. We still didn't know who was Emperor Palpatine after ROJ (more than 30 years ago), just he was more powerfull than Vader and was THE Badass. That didn't stop people thinking the flick was a great conclusion for the original trilogy. And there's at least one more film for concluding this new trilogy, with gaps to be filled by "between" movies like R1 I liked TLJ very much. I still don't know if it's better or worse than R1, but is certainly at the same league. Those 3 new flicks (until now) are at another level than the previous 5. It certainly can't be compared to ANH, but that's only because Ep. 4 stablished the genre and a whole new game for the cinema industry
  11. Here in Brazil it's aired by Netflix. I can't wait to go home after work to begin a new jorney to the final frontier...
  12. Wolfpack design has a resin update for the Revellogram kit WOlfpack update for Revellogram Beagle Academy and Hasegawa have both updated their 90's F-15E tooling. Both kits have shortcomings, so "pick your own poison and proceed with care" Academy's F-15E Hasegawa'a F-15E The most up-to-date 1/48th Beagle is the GWH kit, but it's the F-15I version and must be modified. A not very difficult task, IMHO GWH F-15I Of course, no one has already designed the decals
  13. What's the problem with those cockroaches?
  14. I don't think we will see a big scale F-106. Although an aesthetically nice plane, it was used by ONE air force, in ONE scheme (overall gray) and never in combat. The plane is basically a bigger Mirage III, without the history, the appeal (for non-american modelers) and the variety of the French plane
  15. I don't think HB Easy Kit are intended to be in the same league as Meng's, Airfix's, Tamiya's or even Hasegawa's ponies. Easy kits are, well, easy fast and cheap to build, aimed to young and inexperienced modelers, who are more worried about the final product than the accuracy of a kit. Also, unless I'm very uninformed, the "new" Revell kit is just the old Monogram kit
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