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  1. riffer

    Kinetic CF188 1/48 Production Line x4

    PM sent
  2. Ordered. Shipping to Canada kills, but it's nice to take something off my "unobtainium" list.
  3. riffer

    Regulus, Snark etc.

    I'd do a RCAF Bomarc.
  4. riffer

    Kinetic Kits Any Good?

    the latest IPMS Canada issue has a build article on the 1/48 CF-5's that indicates they aren't the easiest build. A little disappointing for me as I have a couple planned for this year. Regardless, the author does produce nice results in the end.
  5. ISC Chicago, where parcels go to die 🙂
  6. riffer

    1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat, VF-111

    The Gull Grey is great.