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  1. I recently purchased this Italeri kit as mentioned above and would like to attempt to convert it to a gunship. Has anyone done this? What would I need to do a reasonable conversion, 'reasonable' in the sense of reasonable cost for AE stuff and actual modifications necessary? Any info available would be greatly appreciated.
  2. After wrestling with all the gear in their deployed positions, I ended up just supergluing the hell out of all of them and applying accelerator it to inconspicuously up inside the bay doors to harden everything up so hopefully it won't show. Accurate? Oh, hell no, but at least the airframe is now supported on it's legs without fear of collapsing. I also braced the front gear with brass rods to aid in the stability which helped a lot.
  3. You chose wisely to forego the landing gear down option but I'm curious as to how you'll display it when finished. As as aside, speaking of exceptional fit, I just finished the Meng Kamaz 4386 Typhoon and that was quite an amazingly good kit.
  4. Has anyone here built the Zvezda Su-25 Frogfoot in 1/48? I'm about half-way through the process and am quite dissatisfied with Zvezda's engineering, or lack thereof. The landing gear assembly process is laughably spindly and fragile and now that I've got it completed I doubt it's going to support the weight of the fuselage, especially after adding more than 40g of extra nose weight as the kit called for. Not only that, but there's a woeful lack of functional connecting points and a maddening lack of illustrated details in the instructions so much to my chagrin I've r
  5. I've had your book on my want-to-read list for 6 months now so seeing this was excellent. Thanks for posting it.
  6. I used the Galaxy mask set when I did the Meng F-35 too; it was VERY tedious and not worth the effort IMHO
  7. Thanks for the photo; I saw mention of this Takom announcement first at Scalemates, then at Modelling News. Good news, indeed.
  8. I got one coming from Bulgaria. Zvezda Su-25 1/48 scale. Hobbyland Bulgaria 69 euros, and that includes S/H
  9. I've built the Hypersonic Chevy block startcart; it's a very nice kit, lots of tiny P.E. and other details.
  10. Super Cool, Jeffrey, these will look very cool in the flight deck. Thanks.
  11. I'm nearing the end of mine; I wanted the digital camo set but could not get it so I went with a painted splinter camo scheme. I kinda phugged up the build tho; due to a massive brain fart I left off part of the bomb bay hatch superstructure and ended up boffo-ing the closure to conceal what I did wrong. Oh well; if you don't look at the bottom side of the aircraft you won't see my boo-boo. The rest of the build went very well and things fit quite nicely. Zvezda has upped their game; it was a superior experience compared to the YAK-130 I wrestled with a couple of years ago, alth
  12. Jeffery, I just took delivery of your 1/48 start cart so my obvious question is, are you still planning on the SR-71 release?
  13. Does anyone have an experience building this thing? It's damn big, although not quite as big as Trumpeter's same scale TU-160 Blackjack. If you've built it, what was your opinion of the kit? Well engineered or not?
  14. I like your work, Dagon. I'm finishing this same kit, but in the Royal Dutch Air Force 70th Anniversary version. I, too, have been very impressed with Meng's engineering.
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