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  1. Does anyone have an experience building this thing? It's damn big, although not quite as big as Trumpeter's same scale TU-160 Blackjack. If you've built it, what was your opinion of the kit? Well engineered or not?
  2. I like your work, Dagon. I'm finishing this same kit, but in the Royal Dutch Air Force 70th Anniversary version. I, too, have been very impressed with Meng's engineering.
  3. Just watched Tutorial #3, John. Good work! I'm enjoying your erudition, your dedication and your skill. Keep them coming.
  4. I picked up Hataka's Have Glass lacquer (comes from Poland, expect a long shipping wait if you're in the USA) to use on my current build, not a Dark Viper SEAD, but Meng's Royal Netherland's F-35 Lightening II 75th Anniversary version. So far, to my eye, the Hataka paint mimics at least one or two Alclad aluminum shades, not sure of their official title off the top of my head but almost interchangeable to my naked eye.
  5. I have experience with only the Bobcat version and I thought it was a real dog.
  6. I've essentially completed the build myself and ended up rattle can spray painting it with Tamiya white primer. It took two full cans! Flankerman's review and pictorial is spot-on in describing Trumpeter's rather whimsical notions of joins and connections; as big as this kit is, you'd think they would've engineered more functional joining processes. The only acknowledegment is reinforced landing gear struts that are metal; otherwise get ready to fiddle with it as it is very large, flexible, and handling it was a big challenge. And forget using a painting booth; this thing was WA
  7. Of course it's an essential business!! I mean, look how many people on 'model makers' on reddit label their most recent build 'my quarantine build'! Just about every new entry is labeled as such! How much more essential do you have to be to assuage the mental anguish of MILLIONS of people across the globe?
  8. Gents: Have any of you assembled this kit, the Trumpeter SU-160 Blackjack (or White Swan)? If so, due to its massive size, how did you handle painting it? Overall, was it a desirable project for you? Any opinions on the construction, the execution, and the results of your labor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. It certainly is unfortunate that the TANmodel guy is dealing with illness, but speaking solely as someone who has experience building one of their products I have to admit it was quite a dog of a kit. I'm talking about their 1/48 scale rF-84f Thunderflash. I have absolutely no experience with anything else they've produced but my experience with this kit gives me pause as to whether I'd buy another one from them.
  10. Thanks all for the great pics. Definitely drool-worthy
  11. I got the Mig-29 SMT from Kitlinx 2 weeks ago, just started working on it yesterday.
  12. I doubt Tan Model would do any favor on this bird, if judging by their rf-84f thunder flash is any indication. That model left a lot to be desired.
  13. Neil, I just sent my email address to you so I can get your newsletter. I am very interested in your 1/72 scale endeavor and hope to hear and see more of what you come up with!
  14. Totally agree! Soviet nee Russian aircraft looks SO predatory and beautiful! I love the arched spine! Even the SU-25 looks brutish and awesome.
  15. Hey Hammerhead, nice work so far on your P-38, it all looks very thoughtfully replicated. I like your work. I just finished this same kit a week ago and found myself smiling to myself at each dry fit and final assembly process and how well everything fit together. It's just a masterpiece of engineering, likely the best fitting kit I have ever built of any scale EVER. I also strongly agree with your comment about the landing gear and gear bays....they're just amazing. If only other manufacturers would sit up and take notice....sigh.
  16. Geez, Faust, I've got the Zvezda Yak-130 in my stash, to be done next. Now you've got me wary... Having said that, and having read your blog and posts here, I can relate to a manufacturer designing slip-shod parts and executing infuriatingly slack engineering. Kitty Hawk, are you listening? Case in point, take the new beautiful Tamiya P-38 F/G. Just superb engineering, hyper-logical build processes and execution. I'm no expert on any aviation, nor have I served in the military. I just like to build models and this Tamiya offering is an amazingly well designed kit an
  17. My 'normal' plastic recycle bin collectors only accepts Nos. 1 and 2 plastic, here in Michigan, but not polystyrene, so recycling all the plastic sprue leftovers is not possible. Nonetheless, I've been collecting and storing ALL my leftover sprue pieces for the past several years. I now have about 7 pounds of 3mm sized bits accumulated and I'm continually adding to it. Should I continue to cut it all up in small pieces?
  18. I find a modicum of irony in the criticisms of KH and their apparent wanton disregard across the board for lack instructional coherency and legibility. Note I didn't say ANYTHING about accuracy, as I believe accuracy, as several others have pointed out, is in the eye of the beholder and something many of us either don't understand or relate to, especially those of us who have no military background (yours truly). I've personally decided that money talks, bullshit walks (is that the saying??) and will NOT purchase any further KH kits of any kind, as my very limited experience with
  19. Indeed, I agree, very nice. I'm about 3/4 of the way through this kit myself and hope it turns out half as good.
  20. ...anyone built this kit? I have it on order. While my exposure to Kitty Hawk products is limited to one singular previous build, it was not an especially enjoyable process so I'm hoping I find some KH redemption on this.
  21. I've noticed over the past several months that certain kits are increasingly scarce in the USA, particularly in 1/48 scale. I mean, try to find a Hobby Boss or Italeri A-10, as it seems nearly impossible, no matter if you're looking at any of online retailers or eBay. I've seen ONE seller with a Warthog from Hobby Boss on eBay, but the kit is $82. HobbyLinc, Mega-Hobby, and Kitlinx also seem to be unable to sell many other 1/48 scale jets, saying "currently unavailable" over and over again. I've also seen only rare availability of Hasegawa's EA-18G Growler in this sc
  22. Thank you for the explanation. Excellent! I KNEW someone would know.
  23. I am a total n00b when it comes to military nomenclature and symbology and I've never served so I'm wondering if you all can tell me what the little "2" thingies I see pictured in various places on a Warthog's skin are. It almost looks like a coat hanger hook or something. What are they?
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