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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family!
  2. Fantastic! BTW...is that Palm Trees and green "stuff" in the background?.....sigh.....I haven't seen anything but white in several weeks.
  3. I saw his C-130 at the Atlanta IPMS (I think that's where it was). It was spectacular...more so than the photos in the model magazines. I also talked to him and he seemed very reserved and pleasant to chat with. I wish my models were half as good.
  4. GREAT Photos!! Thanks for sharing them!!
  5. This is absolutely amazing! Did you build this for a museum? FANTASTIC!
  6. FANTASTIC! Details, Details, Details??
  7. I got the Revell C-17 from Nostalgic plastic! Great kit! Great Company too!
  8. Wow!....even the old Monogram kit was HUGE. Hmmm....I wonder where I can put it?
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