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  1. So what have you contributed to the overall modeling community?
  2. Hasegawa started with slidemolds in their kits before AMK was even a company. Keep going kiddo
  3. Excuse me? Dude you're a complete jerk. Zacto has a very long history of analyzing kits and producing parts for people to correct issues should they desire. Case in point being the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 intakes, the Trumpeter 1/32 A-7 intake, the Academy 1/32 F-16 intake.. Who are you? What have you contributed to the modeling community in terms of analysis and correction. I would ask...what do you have to offer? If anyone is doing "damage to the AMK cause" it's people like you.
  4. It was in their newsletter a few months back
  5. So far the only thing they've absolutely confirmed is they're going to be doing a P-51B/C in 1/48 after they finish the P-51D series
  6. Believe what you will. ZM has created a new tool for their F-4E/F line, which is simply a retooling of their existing phantom kits with new components.
  7. Logic would indeed suggest that...however.. They also made the forward fuselage separate on the F-16 to, logically, allow for a F-16D.. That didn't happen
  8. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zoukei-mura-tba-f-4e-phantom-ii--1180315 Only the F-4E/ "Long nose" Phantoms are being retooled. The short nose jets are keeping the old fuselage molds.
  9. odd that they completely retooled their entire fuselage to correct a non-existent error then, eh?
  10. Considering Hasegawa keeps inching the prices of their legacy kits ever higher...more variety isn't necessarily a bad thing
  11. They are. They're planning a E/F and probably a G Late
  12. Yup...at least one other reviewer has laid a not-to-subtle accusation that they simply started with a copy of a Hobbyboss Tomcat and worked from there
  13. This is part of the reason why I stated a long, long time ago... There are kits you really need to get right the first shot due to the fanatical nature of the fan bases involved... The BF-109 The F-4 The F-14 I think perhaps AMK was a bit overly ambitious jumping into the F-14 game when they didn't have their production reliably running..
  14. No, you'll probably get an empty box with a USB cable in it
  15. Me personally... Something like AK Extreme's "White aluminum" or Alclad's "Semi-Matte aluminum" would be good for replicating the aluminum paint color that NAA put on the wings of the P-51D's. For the bare natural metal I'd use something like AK's Polished Aluminum over a gloss *white* base or perhaps Alclads Polished Aluminum or Airframe Aluminum as well.
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