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  1. Well, let me explain something to you I DID pre-order the kit, the vendor I pre-ordered TWO from kindly let me out of my obligation and refunded the deposit because of the delays. I *was* going to be a customer, I had *committed* to being a customer, I *have* purchased a MiG-32 and Kfir from them. I'm not speaking for you, I don't care if you order 25 of the damn things from them, I personally do not appreciate the way they treated the community so I personally will continue my criticism, as will others. Thus far AMK has not admitted they acted in a deceptive manner, or even that they straight up lied (IE "fixing issues in the test shots" when they didn't at all).
  2. Because, like I said, they lied to their customers and acted in intentionally deceptive business practices I am critical of them because they need to be held accountable, not rewarded.
  3. If I said "I'm going to do the best job I can", then I'm doing the best job I can If I say "I'm going to be better than you" and then spend years talking about and then ultimately am NOT better than you, isn't it normal to expect the backlash to be stronger?
  4. Give me a break. If you look at my post history it's clear I was an AMK defender for a long, long time. I had two on pre-order, defended them, enjoyed what I was seeing.. What eventually soured me was being lied to. AMK straight up lied to their customers, not even about accuracy issues..but about production status, about pre-orders, about import status issues. It was all a lie to cover their tracks. Now about the accuracy issue..they did that themselves. They said they were going to produce the most accurate F-14 model ever. It isn't. They failed. But their ego in proclaiming they were going to be the best means that they invited attention that normally wouldn't have ever been paid to them in other circumstances..had they not made such a massive claim. Now if they had said "we're going to make the best F-14 we can make" and there were these issues, none of this would have ever happened. Or if they had said "we're in the development process on this and we'll post more when it's ready to be released"...really no one would have even paid attention for years and years like this has happened. Because of the time involved and claims made...the bar was set obscenely high, even higher than what was expected from Tamiya. I don't want to bury AMK, but I hope they learned their lesson.
  5. North America is a continent. America refers to the United States of America, and if I said I was an American, I would be meaning I was from the United States. It's not a hard concept, but apparently it's beyond your scope of understanding. Let me know if I need to break out the construction paper and crayons to explain it better for you.
  6. Yeah, I base a kit based on what I pay, because I'm an American and I pay for things in America
  7. The other companies conducted themselves much better in the production of their kits, just saying. It's simply a lesson to be learned for both AMK in the future and other companies observing this whole fiasco
  8. So, in summary There are shape issues. It may be major to some, inconsequential to others, however the issue is there. In a shocking turn of events, it's not a perfect kit, as no kit is. However it's not the new-standard for F-14 kits either. FWIW it should also be about $25-30 on average cheaper than the Tamiya kit, much like how the Academy F-15 was cheaper than the Hasegawa F-15 If "close enough" is worth the $20-$30 to you then it's close enough
  9. All the pictures absolutely did inspire a sale My second Tamiya F-14D arrives from SprueBrothers on thursday
  10. So the kit is supposed to be shipping to distributors...in a few days and they're still working off test shots?
  11. Shhhhhh! Do not speak of him outside of the safe zone...the COV does not have the numbers to deal with an out-of-area contingency
  12. To be fair... The above picture is a F-14A..which did have a different engine fairing than the D.
  13. I figured the most accurate F-14 model kit ever wouldn't have even that issue. /s
  14. Rumor has it that Tamiya is planning a "F-14A (Late)/ F-14B" kit like their F-16C/N "Aggressor/Adversary" release.
  15. As I said on facebook...I think the biggest shape issue is in the engine fairing for the AMK model...it angles in too sharply which enhances the shape difference. If the fairing was more shallow and gentle in the curve I suspect the shape issue would largely vanish
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