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  1. Me personally... Something like AK Extreme's "White aluminum" or Alclad's "Semi-Matte aluminum" would be good for replicating the aluminum paint color that NAA put on the wings of the P-51D's. For the bare natural metal I'd use something like AK's Polished Aluminum over a gloss *white* base or perhaps Alclads Polished Aluminum or Airframe Aluminum as well.
  2. More or less the only kit that still has some dollar value is the very early A, the Wolfpack kit.
  3. realistically now that the Tamiya Tomcat is out.. Look for a selling price between $35 and $45 for any Hasegawa Tomcat, high grade or not. I sold a complete VF-31 F-14D package with the kit VF-31 last cruise kit, aires exhaust, Fightertown Decals, Aires Cockpit and only got $60 for it on auction They're just obsolete...
  4. FFS...no one ever said the kit was unbuildable. What was disputed was the "most accurate Tomcat ever" claim, and the hubris that followed it.
  5. So an accusation has been made that AMK basically just elected to update the HobbyBoss kit...well more or less an accusation. Brian at Gunfighter Models has leveled it and has cited numerous places on the kit that are more or less a match to the same areas on the HB Kit... Can anyone look at that and see if there is indeed a link?
  6. Terry has already established an agreement with AMK to censor posts on ARC. It’s not a conspiracy, Sio shared screenshots of his conversation with Terry on FB last year
  7. I must have a powerful imagination if others are seeing what I'm seeing as well Again, it boils down to personal preference and what a person is willing to live with and what they're not.
  8. The flaws are 100% there. The question that needs to be answered is if they are relevant to the individual builder or if they are a deal breaker...and that is 100% subjective and personal. It's the same thing as the old Hasegawa vs Academy F-15C argument..personal choice and value for the money.
  9. Paul Allen’s RV Petrel just announced on their FB page that they’ve located the wreck of the Kaga off Midway
  10. Hobbyboss did a 1/72 F-14 with the a2g systems
  11. Well given the fact that it seems like most people want to be as accurate as possible in their builds, it's not WRONG to point out an inaccuracy. It's wrong to harass, degrade or otherwise abuse someone for it it...but it's not wrong to point out the issue
  12. No, when A's became D(R)'s the forward fuselage was not changed beyond adding the necessary antennas and the addition of the TCS/IRST chin pod. It's likely simply a human error based on which drawing source the companies got their info from. It's known that Tamiya got the drawings from Grumman at least.
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