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  1. At least represent what he said was unfair, it wasn't the F-35 thing, it was related to being denied Patriot purchases years ago.
  2. Good for you. However, AMK has repeatedly lied, misled, misrepresented and falsified information as to the status of the kit, refused to acknowledge the errors in the kit in both shape, detail and other issues (IE the location of the IFR probe bay). When the errors were pointed out, people were silenced on their FB page, ignored, treated like they were bullies (mind you after AMK said this would be the most accurate Tomcat ever with "genius" engineering) and then completely vanished for nearly a year. During this time we were told that our concerns had been addressed and we were to be confident that all the test examples were simply that, test examples and that they would move forward from there. It was all smoke screen bullcrap. They never had any intention of fixing anything. They lied, they stonewalled and they delayed the inevitable as long as possible. They created a nearly insurmountable mountain (IE "the best Tomcat ever!) and believed that while they had succeeded at creating a genuinely great kit (the MiG-31) that they were ready to take on the most exhaustively studied aircraft of the modern era with quite possibly the most nit picking, pedantic, fanatic and obsessive fan base ever. Instead of working up slowly with other kits, making sure they were ready, they went for attention..and boy they got it. Anyone is free to purchase it and enjoy it, I'm glad it's there for them..but the entire saga has been shameful, and to pretend otherwise is simply living in a fantasy.
  3. Need? No. But there's always room for improvement, and if someone can come along and make a better Tomcat, they're welcome to try. The older and less accurate brands will either die out, become cheaper or otherwise become (and remain) irrelevant. There wasn't a need for a new 1/48 F-15C, but GWH came along and knocked it out of the park with theirs. There wasn't a need for a new 1/48 Mk 1 Spitfire, until Tamiya showed there was a market for it There wasn't a need for a new 1/48 F-14D, until Tamiya showed everyone how it's done.
  4. 1/32 is a very difficult market due to the cost of the tooling and then the cost of the kit..plus fairly few have enough room to house even a single 1/32 Tomcat..to say nothing of a 1/32 Tomcat and a 1/32 F-16 and a 1/32 F-15....
  5. With the clear deception that AMK has put on the community and continued lies.. I cancelled my pre-order. I won't give them my money
  6. All of this wouldn't be so bad if AMK hadn't hyped themselves to the point where they claimed that their Tomcat would be the most accurate Tomcat ever. Now it's likely not even going to rise to the level of the Hobby Boss Tomcat. It's sad..if there's one thing they should have known is that the Tomcat is *NOT* the plane you want to swing and miss on.
  7. It is what it is...but it doesn't appear the shape issue aft was fixed. I'll still carry through with my two that I committed to buying years ago...but I can't help but feel a bit ...off.
  8. It was just a question about an update. No need to get sanctimonious about it
  9. The issue is that they've said it will be *THE MOST ACCURATE TOMCAT EVER*... If it's not, they're liars and their credibility will be in the can. Essentially they've set the bar at near impossible levels to hit, and have not only built their own gallows, but set up the rope as well.
  10. I'm sure Maverick teams up with Goose's son, they go on a mission, get shot down, there's some mission impossible level escape and evasion stuff, they steal a Tomcat and then fly it to a carrier in a daring feat of naval aviation that only Maverick can pull off. The plane will be either damaged or poorly maintained, so it won't be able to trap properly, and will have to take the barricade because a main gear won't come down or something. Goose's kid and Maverick make amends and finally respect each other, and Maverick's guilty conscience from 1986 will be soothed knowing he saved Goose's son. Just...my guess.
  11. At one point he was living in a hotel room, with his wife and kids, but refused to sell his models and instead actually got people to ship him models. I kid you not...the guy was more messed up than a monkey screwing a football
  12. I'm sure he's still writing fanfics and photoshopping himself into stuff.
  13. The best thing to come out of this thread in the last three months is the link to the sprue shots of the 1/48 Eduard P-51 That's saying something
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