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  1. This is a refreshing honest take on the AMK Tomcat
  2. Given by the rest of the construction visible, especially the paint finish, I think the skills of the modeler aren't the problem More so the skills of the mold maker.
  3. So more or less the conclusion to the whole AMK saga is.. Most Accurate-No Easiest Building-No Buildable-Yes Looks like a Tomcat-Yes Lots of acceptable detail-Yes Good building Options-Yes Slightly above the Hasegawa but below the Tamiya...seems fair?
  4. So what have you contributed to the overall modeling community?
  5. Hasegawa started with slidemolds in their kits before AMK was even a company. Keep going kiddo
  6. Excuse me? Dude you're a complete jerk. Zacto has a very long history of analyzing kits and producing parts for people to correct issues should they desire. Case in point being the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 intakes, the Trumpeter 1/32 A-7 intake, the Academy 1/32 F-16 intake.. Who are you? What have you contributed to the modeling community in terms of analysis and correction. I would ask...what do you have to offer? If anyone is doing "damage to the AMK cause" it's people like you.
  7. It was in their newsletter a few months back
  8. So far the only thing they've absolutely confirmed is they're going to be doing a P-51B/C in 1/48 after they finish the P-51D series
  9. Believe what you will. ZM has created a new tool for their F-4E/F line, which is simply a retooling of their existing phantom kits with new components.
  10. Logic would indeed suggest that...however.. They also made the forward fuselage separate on the F-16 to, logically, allow for a F-16D.. That didn't happen
  11. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zoukei-mura-tba-f-4e-phantom-ii--1180315 Only the F-4E/ "Long nose" Phantoms are being retooled. The short nose jets are keeping the old fuselage molds.
  12. odd that they completely retooled their entire fuselage to correct a non-existent error then, eh?
  13. Considering Hasegawa keeps inching the prices of their legacy kits ever higher...more variety isn't necessarily a bad thing
  14. They are. They're planning a E/F and probably a G Late
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