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  1. Sent second, revised email with offer on .. 32010 32071 32083
  2. Yeah I know, they're just getting harder to find. I was able to find a 421st FS sheet they did on ebay. What I mean by some squadrons being hard to find is like the 80th FS. To my knowledge the only time a juvats jet has been done is in the Limited Edition version of the Academy F-16 which has been sold out everywhere for a long while now.
  3. Hey Jake, I commented on this on FB, but figured I might try here as well. Have you considered doing another big scale Viper sheet, but maybe include some Kunsan, Aviano and Hill jets on it? To my knowledge some squadrons have virtually never been done in big scale.
  4. And they (Createx) sell multiple different reducers, the 4011 which apparently is a slower drying reducer. What's interesting to me is that if the products are the same..Createx says that one of their reducers, the "Wicked Reducer" is able to reduce the opacity of the paint without impacting adhesion qualities.. Makes me wonder, and I will find out when my shipment arrives, if that holds true for the MMP paint. These guys produce professional level acrylic paint for automotive applications, I can't imagine them risking their credibility on malarkey.
  5. I bought some Createx 4012, their "Wicked Reducer" and some 4030 to test my MMP with for a paint comparison. Much cheaper solution
  6. Try again. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/edu82102.htm So no, the Eduard P-51 isn't 25 dollars. And if you like the Eduard P-51, good for you, I think it's a disappointment compared with what they accomplished before with the Spitfire and Tempest.
  7. Yes, that is what I'm talking about. This is the assembly on the Airfix P-51.
  8. No, the Mustang is not $25. The weekend edition will be. The standard price for the Eduard P-51 ProfiPack is about $45 US, and on top of that I'd likely have to spend another $15 on a resin radiator assembly to correct Eduard's bewildering omission. So in reality it's about a $60 kit. Seriously, anyone who can defend Eduards to completely omit the forward radiator assembly on supposedly state of the art kit doesn't include something that a $20 airfix P-51 does should sign up for the olympic team, because that's some impressive gymnastics
  9. Yeah, it is disappointing. You look into the intake of the radiator assembly and you see a GREAT BIG NOTHING. They don't even provide a textured plastic part representing the forward face of the radiator, nor the associated ducting. Again, the Spitfire and Tempest were exceptional kits, the P-51 falls well short of those standards.
  10. Honestly...the new 1/48 Eduard P-51D is pretty disappointing. I'm not trying to make some edgy hot take, but for a model that goes for $45-50..they made some design choices that are really disappointing. No intake ducting for the water and oil radiator, not offering a one piece cowling option so instead now having to have an overscale and ugly seam to fix, lack of positive position points, etc. Their 1/48 Tempest is excellent, and their Spitfires are very nice as well...just...unpopular opinion, but their Mustang was a swing and miss. At least to me.
  11. This is a refreshing honest take on the AMK Tomcat
  12. Given by the rest of the construction visible, especially the paint finish, I think the skills of the modeler aren't the problem More so the skills of the mold maker.
  13. So more or less the conclusion to the whole AMK saga is.. Most Accurate-No Easiest Building-No Buildable-Yes Looks like a Tomcat-Yes Lots of acceptable detail-Yes Good building Options-Yes Slightly above the Hasegawa but below the Tamiya...seems fair?
  14. So what have you contributed to the overall modeling community?
  15. Hasegawa started with slidemolds in their kits before AMK was even a company. Keep going kiddo
  16. Excuse me? Dude you're a complete jerk. Zacto has a very long history of analyzing kits and producing parts for people to correct issues should they desire. Case in point being the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 intakes, the Trumpeter 1/32 A-7 intake, the Academy 1/32 F-16 intake.. Who are you? What have you contributed to the modeling community in terms of analysis and correction. I would ask...what do you have to offer? If anyone is doing "damage to the AMK cause" it's people like you.
  17. It was in their newsletter a few months back
  18. So far the only thing they've absolutely confirmed is they're going to be doing a P-51B/C in 1/48 after they finish the P-51D series
  19. Believe what you will. ZM has created a new tool for their F-4E/F line, which is simply a retooling of their existing phantom kits with new components.
  20. Logic would indeed suggest that...however.. They also made the forward fuselage separate on the F-16 to, logically, allow for a F-16D.. That didn't happen
  21. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zoukei-mura-tba-f-4e-phantom-ii--1180315 Only the F-4E/ "Long nose" Phantoms are being retooled. The short nose jets are keeping the old fuselage molds.
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