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  1. Were any aftermarket covers made for this kits to cover area over Machine gun turrets on Silverplate bombers in 1/72 or 1/48 for that matter. Thanks.
  2. What is a good match for the cockpit gray for the photo etch gray Eduard uses? Thanks
  3. Got the Flying Leathernecks version now to build the F-4B as either the F-110:or a B with VF-84 Pirate Flag 1965 version.
  4. What colors were the B-28 weapons in that time period? Thanks.
  5. Finally picked one up. Is it too much to ask that photo etch screens be included like other manufacturers do? I mean really!
  6. I want to build the VF-84 early Flag version from 1965.
  7. Dave What was the total cost in US dollars?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Who carries the Hypersonic correction for the F-4C/D? I too am looking forward to a possible Tamiya version someday.
  9. I have heard there was a problem with the aft fuselage engine area. Was there? Was it corrected with later issues? Are any corrected fuselages available for purchase? I have an F-4D ZM kit.
  10. Anyone know if ICM will release a kit of the Viet Nam On Mark A-26 K Counter Invader in 1/48?
  11. Just got one off ebay. I want to do it as a natural metal early 60’s version with the Hound Dog missile. What conversion are needed to the rear fuselages to make it real? Mine came with late tail sections. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for all the pics from real aircraft.I have the Special Hobby 1/48 AJ 37
  13. What is the best matching colors? Thanks
  14. The Blue Angels decals? I have some the Pro Modeler kit
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