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  1. BMH

    F-15 speed brake

    Here's a clip of an F-15D flying chase on one of the F-23 prototypes (great doc when you have some time)--shows the speed brake extended at nearly the angle shown in the F-15E shots above, but it's gear up and intakes closer to straight on than drooped: Sequence is at 41:02: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGco66RoJtc
  2. BMH

    P-47N wheel diameter?

    Thanks--some great info there.
  3. BMH

    P-47N wheel diameter?

    Merci beau coup--Trumpeter just re-used the wheels from the D kit. From the chart posted, P-47 wheels are 16/8 and Hellcats/Corsair are 16/7, so the wheel is at least close. Hellcat/Corsair tires are 32X8 vs. 34X9.9, so a 1/32 substitution won't work, but with Barracuda P-47N resin in the future, that's the way to go.
  4. BMH

    P-47N wheel diameter?

    Man, that's exactly what I wanted to read--just saw the Hellcat/Corsair sets he put out. I can get started and add the gear last when he gets around to the P-47N wheels/tires. Thanks!
  5. BMH

    P-47N wheel diameter?

    So you can see why I don't want to use the kit wheels in the P-47N kit. Anybody know if the 8 spoke wheels of Hellcats & Corsairs are close enough in diameter & width to pass as P-47N wheels?
  6. BMH

    P-47N wheel diameter?

    Got the Trumpeter 1/32 kit that has P-47C/D wheels with covers rather than the 8 spokes. Would Corsair/Hellcat wheels be a workable substitute? Couldn't find a comparison on the web and wonder if anybody here has good info. Thanks for any help.
  7. Not the rockets, the Y pylons that mount the rocket pods to the aircraft. Kit ones are goofed--one side is right, other is a job opportunity for Zactoman to help out us non-scratch builders.
  8. You didn't specify a scale, but in 1/32 the Tamiya F-4C/D kit has exactly what you're looking for. Don't know about 1/72, but there are plenty of spare ladders around in at least those scales. Post in Plane Trading will get you those.
  9. BMH

    P-47Ns & HVARs

    Makes sense, but would the load be so critical that even the stubs would be removed too? The shot I saw showed no stubs outboard of the bomb pylon--we can only speculate. Wish every photo from that era had detailed captions for us modelers. I did see shots of the bee striped tailed P-47N squadron loaded out with all ten rockets, so an accurate model can be built that way.
  10. BMH

    P-47Ns & HVARs

    Thanks for the help, gents--from what you've written, I've been able to discover that the P-47N shown on the ProMod box art was a -2 (at least according to Revellogram), so I feel comfortable hanging rockets on another P47N in the same squadron. Interestingly, I also found a shot that shows another P-47N from this same squadron loaded out with only the two inner rockets plus a bomb on the pylon--the underside of the wing doesn't show the outer three stubs even installed. All I can guess is either the stubs were in short supply at that point or the crew hadn't had time to install all ten stubs before it was needed on a sortie. Thanks again, fellow P-47N geeks!
  11. BMH

    P-47Ns & HVARs

    Planning a build of the Trumpeter 1/32 P-47N and would like to do the scheme shown on the Revell/Pro-Mod box art with the blue trim using the CAM sheet, but from what I've been able to gather from the web, the zero length stubs for HVARs were not factory installed on the first batches of P-47N. I've found pix of another P-47N Ie Shima squadron (with the black & yellow tail stripes) that show HVARs loaded. I've also found a nice color shot of a P-47N in the blue trim having its guns boresighted that clearly shows no rocket stubs. Does anyone know if the rocket stubs were retrofitted in the field like P-51D tail filets to earlier Mustangs or gun noses to Pacific B-25Js? Or am I gonna hafta give up on the nifty blue trimmed scheme and do the black & yellow tailed P-47N if I want to hang the HVARs under the wings? Usually I like to model fighters as fighters, but the P-47N looks so cool with all the HVARs and bombs. Thanks for any info anybody can share.
  12. The Trumpeter 1/32 Crusader kits have one fuselage missile Y pylon right (so I've read) and the other a mirror image (totally wrong), and the fix requires scratch building beyond my talent & time. The kits also don't include a full load of Sidewinders or Zunis in each box--you'd have to buy two kits to load each for fighter or CAS missions. So how 'bout adding a corrected Y pylon and/or a set of Zacto Zuni pods to the line? The corrected Y pylon would be welcome no matter how you're loading out your Crusader, and I'm sure Zacto Zunis would be better than Trump's kit items. Keep up the great work, Zactoman!
  13. BMH

    Revell Vietnam aces

    Didn't mean you shouldn't bother with them--with some work and TLC they build up fine, and apparently Revell has done a 1/48 combo I wasn't aware of. If that's what you have, the smaller scale actually works to your advantage. Have built the MiG-21PF in both scales (and have 2 1/32 in the stash) and they look the part. If you have the 1/48, the Navy F-4J might be the Monogram kit (nice kit) or a 1/48 pantograph of the old 1/32 Revell F-4J. Again, with some work it builds out fine. If you're building for fun, go for it. I had fun building my old Revells and Monograms back in the days before the web was here to rain on the parade or drop a torpedo in the punch bowl. Hope I'm not guilty of that!
  14. BMH

    Revell Vietnam aces

    I've done them both individually--the kits are Revell's 1/32 F-4E and MiG-21PF, and both date from the early 70s. The MiG kit came with a narrow and a broad chord tail to model an early PF as the VPAF used or the later PF. Haven't seen the inside of the combo, but you can probably find a review on-line to confirm both styles of tail are included. The F-4E is the hard wing, early model E associated with Vietnam. Both are primitive by current standards, and I'm being generous. OK for shelf sitters on a budget, but you'd do much better to save your allowance and get a Tamiya F-4E and a Trumpy MiG-21F-13 or MF if you're after accuracy and detail.
  15. BMH


    IFR= Instrument Flight Rules VFR= Visual Flight Rules. Curtain is used to block the student's view outside to make students use and trust their instruments when there is no visibility--dark night over water, bad weather, etc. VFR conditions means clear weather, good flying weather, IFR conditions means only pilots rated for IFR should go flying.
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