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  1. With all this extra time on my hands I have researched deeper into this picture and I think I may have found the answer if its of interest to anyone. I believe it is one of the 10th Mountain BlackHawks that was being used as a Sniper / Overwatch Platform. A number of books and interviews reference that there were Navy SEAL's providing Sniper support for operations being carried out prior to Oct 3/4. Looking at the picture carefully it looks like the guy on the right has a 10th Mountain patch on his left shoulder.
  2. My understanding is that it was set up for part of the vehicle interdiction mission template but don't quote me on that 😉.
  3. Does anyone know what Super Six had this installed? Iv'e had this image for a while but can't seem to find the story behind it. I do remember it was done to give the Delta Snipers a more stable shooting platform. Thanks, Jay
  4. HeavyArty. The CutVee was the name the SEALs gave to the modified HMMWV they had. It was a M998 Troop/Cargo type. He quotes "we stepped out of our “cutvee”—a cut Humvee without a top, doors, or windows, officially called the M-998 cargo/troop carrier". I also have a found few pics of it parked at the hanger. Took a while to find it and unfortunately not the best quality or size. As you can see the middle vehicle is the SEAL CutVee. They did it so they would have a 360 degree shooting platform but no one foresaw the hell they would end up driving through.
  5. Just seen your post LD. Thanks for the update. Probably nothing that some of you guys don't already know but the Seals were originally two Sniper Teams that were in the city doing over watch and Intel gathering with the CIA. Howard Wasdin covers it in his book SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper. They were integrated into the mission after their operating base was discovered and due to be attacked. Seems like they spent their time mixing with the Airforce combat controllers and PJ's. They were in the Ground Force Convoy driving a Cutvee (modified HMMWV). All of them are known now but not sure it is the done thing to post their names here. Jay.
  6. Just a quick question that I am sure gets asked all the time, how do i upload pictures that are larger than 100kb? if I resize them the zoom quality becomes grainy. Thanks, Jay
  7. Hi all, Not sure if this was posted before but thought it may be of interest. It is a list of tail Serial numbers and a brief of what happened to the airframe. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1991.html If you change the year at the end of the web address there are loads of aircrafts issued to the 160th that could have been available in 1993. Hope it's of use. Jay
  8. Leigh Neville also has a good section on this in his book Day of the Rangers (The Battle of Mogadishu 25 Years on). Jay
  9. Hi LD, From what I have read Reef Point was a special variant of the P3 Orion. I will try and dig out some additional info. Jay
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum, like most of you I have been following/researching Operation Gothic Serpent for quite a few years and have gathered quite a lot of information during this time. I just thought i'd add something with regards to the 530 and 58D questions. According to Col. Caspers (10th Mountain 10th Aviation Brigade. (Task Force Falcon) A.A.R he lists in his Event Log that 2 x H-530s and a OH-58D were launched on a Recce at 14.03hrs as Reef Point was previously on Station. Thanks, Jay
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