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  1. Mine finally arrived. Truly a work of art. I never thought I could say $500 on a model was well spent, but the time and effort to recreate this beast at over 3 feet might justify the expense. It's a once in a lifetime thing for me. Thanks Randy! Randy's Blog with Imperial Star Destroyer
  2. i guess the detail is all relative... it is frickin huge!
  3. PERFECT! Thanks... I already have the pegboard, so a couple of those inexpensive magnetic strips would be perfect.
  4. Thanks... but I was looking for something that can create space on my desk. Besides those tool caddies often can't handle my larger tools.
  5. I'm looking to clean up my workbench area. Tools are strewn everywhere. When I clean up and put everything in my tool box, things are not easily accessible (I have to dig to find stuff). Is there a table top solution to store hand tools like pliers, picks, tweezers, glues, puttys, sanding sticks, screwdrivers, sculpting tools, etc.? Ideally, I'd like something that I could wall mount so I can maximize my work space.
  6. $585 now. Believe it or not, price of resin is through the roof. Shipping and casting this thing is expensive.
  7. There are several metal templates I use. I tape them down and scribe: http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/index.cfm?f...;Product_ID=144
  8. Magic Sculp flakes too much. I would use Aves Apoxy Sculpt any day of the week over Magic Sculp. It's also easier to use than Magic Sculp.
  9. Believe it or not, the price is about right. When you take into consideration the man hours to make the master, the materials, the time to make the molds, the time to cast, the shipping cost, the shipping materials, etc.... it's about right. Garage kitters like Randy don't make a ton of money on these. He'll probably sell about 20 (if that) and will make a small amount of profit per hour of labor. He (and most resin garage kitters in sci-fi world) do it out of the love of the subject. He did a great Blockade Runner from Episode IV and a Radiant from Episode 1. The guy makes a great garage kit.
  10. This option is not only cheaper, but has a smaller light box than those Xmas trees I've seen.
  11. I thought more electronics newbs would be interested in this.
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