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  1. Thoughts and prayers coming to you and yours Steve. As has been mentioned by others, look after yourself too. Cheers Keith
  2. Snow looks bad over there...over here its sunny....


  3. Good to hear you are busy....


  4. I guess I should clarify. Please don't get me wrong. The people I was venting at are those who are crying that this kit (or any other) is not good enough because of (insert minor gripe here). I am in NO WAY dissing those who are researching/creating tooling mastering and in many other ways helping the creative process to bring projects like this into the light of day. You are all masters in your own right and I'm eternally grateful to each of you. I'm venting at the armchair quarterbacks who, unless the kit can burn kerosene, aren't happy with what others have expended their time, effort
  5. Yufei Firstly, congratulations on your marriage!! That's wonderful news and I wish you and your new bride many years of happiness and success! Secondly, thank you for your input into this new kit!!! The test shots to me are jaw-dropping and I'd buy the kit just for the engines!!! Beautiful, just beautiful. Thirdly, to all the rivet counters and nay-sayers out there, get a life. Companies that create these kits expend a huge amount of capital (both financial and human) to produce even the most basic kits. In order to achieve this, there are lines in the sand that are drawn. From a pure
  6. I just want to know why you need a smoother shinier tractor?? Just sayin' Cheers Keith
  7. That's stunning!!!!!! I wouldn't touch it dude. Put it under glass and be happy. Cheers Keith
  8. WOW Beautiful Rich!!! I HIGHLY recommend Rich's decals to anyone who's interested in them. They are beautiful. Thanks for posting Rich. Cheers Keith
  9. I'm with Alexander on this Oliver. Even without a Huey model I'd LOVE to have that engine sitting on my mantle!!! Cheers Keith
  10. Duh. I guess if I actually read the article closely I'd have figure that out. Sorry. I'm going back into my hole now. Happy 2013 all!! Cheers Keith
  11. I think the point was that he WASN'T thinking. He probably didn't even notice the Cessna.
  12. Good thing he was caught!! Civilian weapons in the US seem to be a big issue lately.
  13. I have access to the aircraft in Red Deer as well. Plus Buffalo gear (T shirts, hats, desktop models, etc.) across from my office. Cheers all!! Happy new year. Keith
  14. Sorry for what you've gone through Holmes. You are a far more patient man than I would have been in this situation. (Mind you I have a bit of a temper ) I would have been all over this guy and my credit card company. I'm glad it's only $12 but you're absolutely correct. It's the principle of the thing. Hang in there. Keith
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