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  1. They got the Fenestron wrong, just like on the 1/48 kit. Wrong number of blades and it appears the diameter is off.
  2. Beautiful build of my favorite EA-6B. You did her camouflage justice.
  3. Kurt at Authentic Airliners is releasing a 1/72 727-100 with a deployable airstair...seriously.
  4. Don't forget, we should all be thankful to that fine gentleman at AMARG who was kind enough to give us clear, definitive shots of those "GET ER DONE" flap markings before they were lost to history :salute:/> :thumbsup:/> Dave, if you get any of Brian's VF-Decals sheets or the subsequent Fightertown releases for the last cruise, you will be good to go as they worked from the same shared reference data (the best available). The TwoBobs sheet has some significant issues. Another thing you might want to make note of is the dissimilar yellow used on the vagabond stripes between port an
  5. I am down for two sets as well, please. -Mike
  6. Does this release differ from your Piedmont kit in any way outside of just the decals? Specifically, are the clear parts identical? Mike
  7. That version of the Mission: Impossible theme was cool.
  8. HM-14's high-vis Pegasus head markings put HM-15's to shame. In fact, HM-14's low-vis markings put HM-15's high-vis to shame, too.
  9. Nice diorama, but for those who are thinking of doing something similar, we don't fly the inport ensign while underway. In other words, the US flag doesn't ever fly from the stern while underway.
  10. FINALLY! A Sea Dragon! I just hope they see fit to include HM-14 Vanguard markings...
  11. Have you considered purchasing the Cobra Co. interior set? Regarding your other questions: 1. Your plan for the window sounds good. 2. Sheepskin can be replicated using sanding dust or "flocking" applied to the seat after a layer of adhesive is laid down. Once dry, you can paint it to match the sheepskin color you want. 3. I'd imagine that a FOD cover shaped tool pressed into some suitable screen material should give you what you want.
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