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  1. engineman


    Any updates on the release of the 135 general markings and data in 1/72. looking to do a early short tail 135 thanks scott
  2. Anyone have any knowledge of the Skybolt program ? In particular the 2 different nose cone types ? What was the production configuration ?
  3. The buff had a couple of tail gun configurations . As built the G moved the gunner forward , and he operated the tail gun remotely , the actual armament was still 4 50 caliber machine guns. The H changed the G armament to a single 20mm Gatling gun remotely operated
  4. I have access to the Travis AFB museum D if ya need any help
  5. Let me know if ya need any help im a 10 FE at Travis scott
  6. I’m hoping they correct the tail gun . maybe we could see some hound dogs and quails for a early G . Hmmm
  7. All of the tall tails would be great. natural metal and camo .
  8. And my point is a some accuracy , if ya wanna buy a b-29 kit and call it a b-52 , enjoy , it’s still not a b-52
  9. While we can get around the straklets, and even some of the nose shapes . Tbe simple fact is the tail gun is wrong , and is very obvious . It’s a tall tail tail gun with a faired over canopy . That’s the major glaring error . The tail gun and the movement of the gunner up front was a distinctive feature .
  10. I’m in Vietnam era black belly or , maybe earlier SAC markings ?
  11. Thanks i was afraid I missed it , and I could never find it ! Beautiful vc-137a
  12. Paul do you have a link to your Vc-137 article
  13. Perhaps the c-119 corona recovery birds ?
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