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  1. Thank you for your support guys! Regarding the Foxbat wings I have a question I want to ask you. How do you prefer them - with panel lines following the kit's style or with weld likes as the real aircraft? I also want to add the o;d style anti-flatter weights.
  2. The MiG-17 PF correction nose set in 1/48 scale is available at my site.
  3. The MiG-25 PD/ PDS nose correction set is available at my site.
  4. The project is not abandoned but on slow motion. I havent showed it till now because I want to be sure its right.Expect pictures shortly when I am happy with the result. Unfortunately the shape is quite complex and even the GWH MiG has its issues. And my job was quite demanding in the past few months. P.S. Tomorrow I should pick up some 3D prints for the MiG-29 UB cockpit.
  5. Yes I will. I just got my MiG-27 kit.
  6. The PE fret for the nose set. It has enough options for the builder. And the first castings.
  7. The PE fret that will go with the set. If you have any other ideas just post them here next couple of days. The wind screen framing will be on a separate fret for the canopy.
  8. Quick update: The pictures are not great nut soon there will be better. Just so you see the progress.
  9. Let's first get the BN done. I have to do the two fairings on the side as Trumpeters are'wrong. I have corrected the armor plating and other details and improvements. My boss keeps me really busy last month and I have little time to work on the projects.
  10. The ML/MLD nose is almost done. Have to finish scribing some access panels. The nose from Metallic Details is for M/MF Floggers.
  11. I am also eagerly waiting for the casted parts to come. There were too many holidays in Bulgaria in May.
  12. The part are send for casting and soon it will be available. I will post here when the moment comes.
  13. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I will post pictures of the castings next.
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