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  1. That could well be as resin wings were supplied, however the remainder of the PE fret is still hanging around my desk and is marked as being for the Gulfhawk II... though that's no guarantee that the parts themselves changed. The amount they need to be trimmed is slight, ie. less than a millimetre, so I always just chalked it up to manufacturing discrepancy or my assembly.
  2. Thanks, Bob, very kind. The orange was Testors Model Master International Orange (gloss), decals applied, then given a PLW of burnt umber mixed with the base colour. That both defined the panel lines and cut the gloss just a hair. A large soft box was used for the photography which likely helped eliminate any overtly bright highlights, and that toy-ish look you mentioned. The build itself had some fiddly bits, which called for a slow, measured approach, but otherwise was really enjoyable. Note, the main PE struts will need to be shortened just a bit, otherwise they bow, as seen on mine; while the half struts required some coaxing to span the wing/fuselage gap; and finally, the air scoop at the top of the engine shroud needs to be adjusted to point forward more, as opposed to an angle as it is on mine (the bulk of the construction was some years ago, otherwise I would have been more on top of these issues). Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jim. The kit was a special boxing of Accurate Miniatures' F3F, to reflect Al Williams' Gulfhawk II.
  4. Thanks @Geoff M, @Bravosierra001
  5. Accurate Miniatures /48 scale kit, built OOB aside form the Infini antennae wire. Fiddly at points but otherwise an enjoyable build.
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