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  1. update.. Fuselage and wings glued together. There is a small gap between the wings and the fuselage and another in the underbelly. I was expecting a perfect fit from this tool, but its still light years from old Airfix 🙂 The nose piece is completely off. I dont really understand how they miss this when designing the pieces. Tamiya grey primer (spray decanted to my old Badger 100G) And the paint job. Pre-shading with black and then Valejo Model Air: Light Blue RLM 76, Grey Violet RLM75 and Dark Grey Blue
  2. Hi Hajo, True, but I dislike pilots in models! 🙂
  3. This Kit was offered to me by my SO a while back, and its one of the first "new generation" airfix kits. I've been looking for it for quite a long time, and this groupbuild gave me the push to open the box. I will be depicting the Black 10 from the 2/JGr 11 station at Darmstad-Dierburg in 1945. I didn’t find much information about this particular machine, except that it didn’t end well.. So.. here is some work: This is my first contact with the newest Airfix, and man.. I really like them. Some sayt that panel lines are
  4. Hi guys, Am I still on time to join? I've been looking at this for way too long. Cheers, IBST
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