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  1. Again, thanks to all for the info. I should have stated earlier that I am primarily building 1/700 scale ships, for better or worse. Knowing what I know now I wish that I had gone with 1/350 but with all the PE, resin and other supplies I have in 1/700 scale I can't change that now. Looks like I'll be building Royal Navy WWII ships for a while. I was able to find Kagero Top Drawings for the Ark Royal, from Poland, as well as tapered brass masts. I have pictures of the Ark, but not that many, perhaps because she was sunk so early in the war. So now, it looks like I'll go with the Iwata Studio Series Sprint Jet and a HP-CS brush. When I have all the equipment I'll research paint because I have a lot of Vallejo paint for the ship. Bought it when I was planning on using a brush, as one of the folks at White Ensign Models said he does. I would have used their paint but it had to come from the US and the distributor was out of most colors I needed.
  2. After a lot of reading, I've about decided on a Iwata Studio Series Sprint Jet and the Neo Cn gravity feed air brush, based on reviews. Is a gravity feed brush better than a siphon/bottle feed? Still open to feedback though.
  3. Are accessories for the better compressors brand specific? And, I note that some compressors are piston-type and others diaphragm-type. For a novice, is it important?
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I have a lot to learn, and I am doing research now. I wont be buying a high end unit yet, but I wont buy junk either. I have my eye on a Badger Aspire TC908 as a compromise. Hobby Lobby doesn't allow the 40% off coupon for Iwata products, though I may still consider the Ninja Jet. I wish that I could find something US made at a decent price - or at all. I did find a Thomas air brush compressor, NOS, but I can't find any info on it so that's out.
  5. Hi, I'm new to model building, but I'm gaining experience. To date I've only painted with brushes and rattle cans. I'd like to try airbrushing - and I don't know much about it yet. I know I should probably buy a good one, but I'm an old guy looking at a winter hobby. I've already spent a lot on PE, resin, paint and supplies to build the Ark Royal (should have gone to 1/350 but didn't know). I have a practice Ark to learn to build all sorts of accessories, and then I'll build the good one. Anyway, a guy has a Hobbico CP-101 compressor, filter and air gun that looks new - says it was his son's. I saw one online for $150 w/o the gun, and he wants $30. I only saw one review and it wasn't good. For the money, do you think I could learn with this outfit? I'm never going to be a master at this because I don't have a lifetime but I've always wanted to try this. Thanks, Dave
  6. Thanks again for the info. I ordered some Evergreen tubing and am waiting to hear from Albion as to who is their distributor here. That Connecto system from Albion looks neat, especially for building masts, and I need to build 3. Dave
  7. Thanks - I wasn't aware that I could get styrene in mast thickness. I'll check around because that would be much easier. Good thing I didn't throw the pieces away - now I can mike them since I need masts for a carrier and destroyer. I case you are wondering, I didn't break all those pieces. I bought a Ark Royal/ Tribal on Ebay for $4 so that I could take it apart for practice / learning. Maybe not such a good idea since I saw a new kit marked down to $14. This thing was way over glued and the masts had been re glued and I've spent many hours fixing things. Dave
  8. Hi, I could use some advice on building simple tripod masts (early WW2, RN) using available brass masts and yardarms. I'm thinking that there has to be a reason that you can buy manufactured masts for some ships rather than try and build them yourself. Can a newbie do this? Does this involve soldering? If so I'll need to research and practice that, and get a much smaller gun than my Weller. Thanks, Dave
  9. Thanks. I'll look into modelwarships. I approached this project the wrong way. Limited research, wrong paint, and PE details that I may never be able to use. I've halted building while I get more tools and proper paint. At present I'm looking for tools that would be useful for assembling PE items, particularly a much better magnifier, proper super glue and some means of holding parts besides a tweezer. If I had 3 hands that would be even better. My first attempt at super gluing was a disaster of sorts. By the time I got it off me, everything was dry and I was back where I started. I tried using old CD's for cutting, but they are too reflective for PE I think. Dave
  10. Thanks to all for your replies. . I'll research the paints you suggested. Do you use primer? I hope so because I ordered Tamiya spray and liquid. Does anyone know if there is a source for propellers in 1/700? I can't seem to find any. I'm also looking for searchlights (British). It's tempting to throw this thing in the trash and start on the new one, considering all the breakage and glue but I still have a lot to learn. Tomorrow I plan to try and build PE Octuple 2pdr.'s. Looks like a challenge, and I'm not sure they will easily fit. I'm wondering if Revell took liberties with their scaling. Dave
  11. Inexpensive Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint, quick drying, easy cleanup, water-base. Co. name is Plaid. I think it's craft paint, not for models. I saw the made in USA and picked some colors that looked close, That was before I found this forum where I could ask questions. Dave
  12. Hi, My learning project, a previously built 1/720 Ark Royal / Tribal is now taken apart as far as I can go w/o breaking pieces (some were already broken/'gone). I need to rebuild the 4.7" gun decks and fix the poor fit of the flight deck. I've done a lot of scraping and sanding due to way too much glue. I have a new Revell kit (same ship) that I plan to use parts from since I'm building up PE (White Ensign) and resin parts (nice guns at 3D) for the new one. Perhaps a goofy plan but I hope to learn techniques on the old one, do better on the new one, and then move on a better quality ship. Anyway, I need to know what type of paint to use for this fairly small scale ship. I don't have an air brush yet. I tried water base acrylic - not good. It seemed way too thick, even with small brushes, and dried quickly on the brush. I scrubbed and scraped it off (took a long time). I have all sorts of Testors enamel which seems thinner, but not enough. Do these paints need to be thinned? The man at White Ensign Models said that he brush paints and uses Colourcoats, but Sovereign is in the UK and I'd need a dozen or more colors for the ship. Is lacquer better for this project? I read that its thinner than enamel. Can you paint some parts with enamel and others with lacquer? I ordered a type of primer to fill fine scratches. I hope to spray (rattle can) the hull and brush everything else, at least for this ship. Thanks for any advice, Dave
  13. I was - until a serious illness took me to death's door. I took a lot of meds - then got cancer. Past that for 3 years now, but no longer in the muscle car business. Jim Taylor (Jim taylor Engine Service) / Mark Earny built the engine for my '79 T/A. Steel, rods, forged pistons, zero decked and lots more. Built as a street machine so she ran from low rpm when I hit it to 6200 on the limiter. Not a real screamer, but good for a street Pontiac. Used a built TH350 and Richmond 3.42's /Auburn posi in the back. I miss the sound, torque, but you can't go home again so I've added this to my interests.
  14. Thanks for the info. I'm remembering that years ago I threw out a compressor that was suitable for an airbrush - I needed a bigger one for work on cars. I may be stuck here - having to get an airbrush set up and learning to use it - another set back. In the meantime, I found turrets for 4.7inch guns at White Ensign (resin). But they don't have a picture. Foolishly, I bought the bbls. which were relatively cheap, only to find out that the turrets are the expensive part. Not sure I'll go that way since I'm still in the learning process with a relatively inexpensive model. Dave
  15. Hi, I'm new to the forum, and not that experienced a modeler. I do a lot of research though. I'm building a carrier, the Ark Royal, and decided to pick up some White Ensign PE detail sets. My fist part is 8 bbl. 2 pdr. mounts. I thought there would be painting instructions with the set, but didn't see any. How do you paint these tiny parts? I don't have an airbrush and don't think that I will get one since I don't think that it would be cost efficient. This ship will take me a long time, especially since I bought an assembled (poorly) one first to practice on. Hope I don't burn out. Thanks, Dave
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