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  1. Hi there! Just finished this nice Tamiya kit. Everything OOB and the only real flaw was one of the decals sheet, the smaller one, most stencils. Without exception, all of them cracked as soon as I tried to move them. I used warm water, cold water, decal solution, you name it, with no success. In some cases I was able to join the pieces and have them in place. But, as I said, a very nice kit. Hope you’ll like it. Cheers!
  2. Oh yeah, I've just logged about 100 hours flight time in the '37. Moved to quieter machines afterwards....
  3. Thanks! you're right, I'll try to find out how to move it to there.
  4. Thank you! I'm a '78 graduate at AFA and enjoyed every flight in the Tweetie. I still got my flight manual😎
  5. This is my Dragonfly as used in Vietnam in the '60's. It's a special kit for me because I graduated in the Air Force Academy in his older and less powerful brother, the T-37C. Nice little bird though. I wish they had a kit for it, for conversion from this one should be very demanding. I've used PE parts and the painting was free hand, since masking was very tricky for this scheme. Hope you enjoy! Cheers! George ps: the chart over the panel is a 1:250.000 of South Vietnam, of course.....
  6. That's true, those paint schemes are great. Thank you!
  7. Hi there, I know, as if we're missing more '109s around here. But, for me, this one is special, my first motling attempt. I tried to be as close as possible to the manual and I'm happy with it. Hope you'll enjoy! This one was Oberleutnant Anton Hafner machine, in which he scored 204 kills and was, in turn, killed, when collided with the ground, while trying to evade his opponents. Cheers!
  8. Hello, This is my T-33 in the colors of the 1/14 Aviation Group, Canoas AFB, Brazilian Air Force. They were replaced by F-5E in the early seventies. Kit was just fine, no issues at all, although it could have more details. Everything OOB, except for the decals from FCM. Cheers!
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