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  1. In this music and mud free tutorial Iยดll demonstrate how to paint and weather second world war German panzer tracks. This straightforward technique can be used by beginners but you can visit channels like Night Shift or Panzermeister36 for a more detailed approach. Cheers!
  2. Don`t you just love when those `ghost` seams keep coming back after gluing, filling and sanding, sometimes even weeks later? Well, there is a way to deal with that. Let`s see. Stretched sprue - it has to be glued. Glue takes time to cure (trust me, sometimes for a week or longer). Sprue goo โ€“ same thing. Ok, it can be dry to the touch 24 hours later but chemical reaction is a slow beast. Lacquer paint over acrylic putty method โ€“ no chemical reaction, but putty needs time to dry. True, acrylic putty dries faster, but it should be left to dry for at least 24 hours to be on the safe side. Cyano+t
  3. Hello guys, 18th Zagreb Model Making Cup `Black Queen` 2023 was held in Zagreb/Croatia on September 09th 2023. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, here are 2 videos about 18th scale model show which was held in Zagreb (Croatia) on June 3rd and 4th 2023. Cheers! Part 01 - Visitors, competitors and merchants: Part 02 - Plastic scale models:
  5. Hello guys, Spitfire is finally finished. It was hell of a ride but I pushed through. Confidence booster for sure.
  6. Testors Metalizer - Brush painted + BONUS tip for decal application
  7. Aircraft propeller-to-person accidents and injuries are not common, but they can be serious and even fatal.
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