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  1. Hello modelers, I made a peeling off & sanding experiment with 4 primers: - Vallejo surface primer - AMMO mig `ONE SHOT` primer (Badger Stynylrez) - ALCLAD 2 primer & microfiller - Mr.FINISHING SURFACER 1500 Hope you will find it useful. Cheers!
  2. I made a `glue and fill` experiment with `Alclad 2 Grey Primer and Microfiller` and it worked. It welds the join firmly and sands easily. Keep on modeling & take care.
  3. Light wash and drybrushing with oils...
  4. I couldn't find `black 3` Fw 190 pictures from JG 3 `Udet` (only `yellow 3`) so I used the color scheme from Heller assembly instructions... Video part 02:
  5. Hi folks, In this video I'm showing how to apply decals without a gloss varnish basecoat. I used older decal for demonstration purpose, best results are achieved with highest quality decals. Cheers!
  6. Hi fellow modelers, In this video I'm showing how to work with light curing putty. BW
  7. Hi fellow modelers, in this video I'm showing you one method for filling unwanted seams/gaps on a scale model aircraft. BW
  8. Hi fellow modelers, I needed some practice so decided to build an old Heller `W├╝rger`. Challenging kit with raised panel lines, scarce cockpit and nonexistent wheel bay... Let the journey begin ;-) Video - Part 01: Pictures:
  9. Hi fellow modelers, I made a short video about `Black Basing` technique + time saving `DIY` stencil. Cheers!
  10. Hi fellow modelers, In this video I'm showing you how to make flight instrument panel out of super glue and talcum powder (in 1/72) . The final product is a little bit rough, but acceptable if used on older kit (when resin parts are more expensive than the kit itself). BW
  11. Hi fellow modelers, In this video I'm showing you some tools and techniques for scribing panel lines. BW
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