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  1. Black Basing Revisited - Fast and easy - For 1/72 and smaller scale:
  2. Thank you sir, I try to be precise as much as possible when holding an gluing the model to avoid the mess 😉
  3. Hi fellow modelers, I am building an old Italeri 1/72 EF-2000... Lots of fit issues but I am not giving up 😉 Cheers! Pictures: Video - Part 01:
  4. Hello modelers, I made a peeling off & sanding experiment with 4 primers: - Vallejo surface primer - AMMO mig `ONE SHOT` primer (Badger Stynylrez) - ALCLAD 2 primer & microfiller - Mr.FINISHING SURFACER 1500 Hope you will find it useful. Cheers!
  5. I made a `glue and fill` experiment with `Alclad 2 Grey Primer and Microfiller` and it worked. It welds the join firmly and sands easily. Keep on modeling & take care.
  6. I couldn't find `black 3` Fw 190 pictures from JG 3 `Udet` (only `yellow 3`) so I used the color scheme from Heller assembly instructions... Video part 02:
  7. Hi folks, In this video I'm showing how to apply decals without a gloss varnish basecoat. I used older decal for demonstration purpose, best results are achieved with highest quality decals. Cheers!
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