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  1. Hey all, I have a few kits for sale and or trade. I'll trade for a Tamiya 1/48 FW-190 A-3 or a Hasegawa Spit MkVIII. Prices are below, average shipping is $7 Paypal preferred, or money order. Email or PM me jfhar43@gmail.com Thanks!! Tamiya P-51D Complete and sealed bags.............................$18 Tamiya P-51D Complete and sealed bags + KMC Merlin ......$30 Accurate Miniatures 1/48th Paul Mantz P-51B.......................$18 Hobby Craft 1/32nd Sopwith Camel........................................$22 DSC_0038 by Jim Harley, on Flickr DS
  2. So many options! I'd like to see a couple modern 1/48ths by Tamiya or Eduard... 1. P-38 2. F-86 3. F9F Panther and Cougar 4. TBD Devastator Wing Nut WIngs 1. Fokker Tri-plane
  3. I know this is an old topic but I thought you guys might like this. I found this while looking for other Mustang related stuff. Maybe there is a paint guru that can trace the old Sherwin Williams catalog from the 40's. P51_Av_4509_ad_p050_W by Jim Harley, on Flickr
  4. I grew up with aviation and modelling. Building Mustangs and Corsairs as a kid inspired me to learn all I could about WWII history and pursue flying. My dad and grandfather got me started early and although they have both passed I have never lost the passion. I've spent a good chunk of my life flying warbirds and interacting with veterans but I always fall back on 'the next build'...there is something about recreating the past in miniature. I think being part of several forums and seeing the quality and passion others have, brings out the best of what I can do as well. Jim VIn
  5. Here is the tail stand being removed... IMG_2510 by Jim Harley, on Flickr
  6. When I got back in to the hobby last summer I bought the old stand by testors enamels. It had been 30 years and that was pretty much the standard back then. I built a couple starter models and decided to dive into acrylics. I've been airbrushing a long time outside of modeling and from some of the reviews Vallejo was the way to go and Hobby Lobby carries them. I started with my Williams Brothers Gee Bee. I sprayed the Vallejo primer coat down and let it dry +12 hours (work) and when I taped off the scallops I had to do adjustments to the curves. The second time I pulled the tape up to adjust t
  7. Al WIlliams would be proud! what a beautiful job. Where did you get the decals, or do they make this kit with those specific markings?? Jim
  8. My favorite is definitely Duxford and the IWM...Dayton and NASM have all the greats, but there is something special about walking around Duxford and all the surrounding history. The whole area around Duxford is rich with RAF and USAAF airfields, many of which have small museums as well. The Technique museum in Berlin, as well as the Air Museum in Krakow have an amazing array of historic airframes. I think Paul Allen wins the top honor for flying Museums...although Jerry Yagen and Planes of Fame are right up there. Jim DSC_5033 by jim harley, on Flickr DSC_5
  9. The Bu 133 is a single seat with a Siemens radial. The wings may be the same, I'm not sure but the fuselage is completely different. I wish they would do the 133...it was more or less the precursor to the Pitts. jim
  10. Thanks! I wanted to portray the Laird as it would have looked after Doolittle landed from the Bendix. I will probably do another in the Thompson scheme at some point. This is by far my favorite era, I just wish there were more kits available. A 1/32nd Pete, Ike, Mike, and quite a few others would really be cool to model.
  11. Yeah you bet 🙂 I may bring the Laird and the Gee Bee...just have to find a good way to transport them. See you there!
  12. Thanks Steve and Alien! Glad to be back and having fun. I'm waiting on a shipment of Alclad Duraluminum and stainless to proceed on the model...should be here Monday. I bought airframe aluminum thinking it would be a good base but it is way too dark. The panels are something that I have wanted to do for a while and finally found the time. I posted similar pics on the Mustang facebook page and found several people that are interested in them. The issue is shipping, they are 71" long by 26" deep...UPS and Fed Ex can do it but they are expensive...the other option is Greyhound or freight which I
  13. Thanks dnl...it sure is fun build, the R-1 and R-2 won't be too far behind! This post brings it up to where it sits now. A couple more sessions and it will be done. I'm waiting on some Tamiya gloss clear. I used Vallejo gloss varnish for the airframe, and while it is nice, it seems to soften even with mild handling. The flying wires are .015 wire, which looks like the thick wires used on the original. Hopefully it is a good illusion. IMG_3638 by Jim Harley, on Flickr IMG_3643 by Jim Harley, on Flickr IMG_3658 by Jim Harley, on Flickr IMG_3695
  14. while I'm at it...here are a few more, adding the black and removing the masks. IMG_1576 by Jim Harley, on Flickr The pin striping tape worked great...although I laid the yellow on a bit heavy it was easy to lightly sand and polish out. There were a few places I had to touch up with a brush but overall it came out better than I thought it would. After some clean up it was time for the decals. IMG_1576 by Jim Harley, on Flickr IMG_1592 by Jim Harley, on Flickr IMG_1594 by Jim Harley, on Flickr IMG_3101 by Jim Harley, on Fl
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