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  1. I’m looking to build a USCG HH-60J “Jayhawk”, in 1/72 scale. I see there are Hobby Boss, Trumpeter, and Italeri options. I’m not finding much in the way of online reviews, so I thought I’d ask here. I’m guessing the Hobby Boss and Trumpeter kits are the same plastic? But how do they compare to the Italeri kit? If I am understanding Scalemates correctly, the Italeri H-60 family is 5-10 years older than the HB kit.I realize that there won’t be many guys here with knowledge of the USCG versions, but I’m hoping to at least get a sense of how buildable the respective families of kits are- I’m guessing that any fit issues would be common to all the H-60 versions the manufacturer offers.....TIA! -Bill
  2. This is my build of the USCG Secretary class USCGC Duane, converted from the ancient Revell box-scale USCGC Taney/Campbell Kit. I converted the Korean War era Taney kit to her sistership Duane as she appeared during her deployment to Vietnam Nam as part of Coast Guard Squadron Three in 1967-68. i used the GMM railings and other bits and parts from the parts box, and added various scratchbuilt parts. The radar room and tripod mast are scratchbuilt. I converted the whaleboats to USCG Motor Surfboats with scratchbuilt interiors. The kit’s deck with its clunky detail was replaced with one cut from .040 inch styrene sheet, and assorted aftermarket and scratchbuilt details. While not not about the Duane, here’s a link to an interesting short story about a typical USCG Squadron Three mission in VietNam... https://reinburg.net/the-most-important-consideration-in-wartime-a-vietnam-story/
  3. Whirlybird Models sells that as a resin accessory, at least in 1/72. I bought one to go on my model, after my attempt to scratchbuild it didn’t work out.... I’m not showing the port side until I get it mounted! -Bill
  4. In 1/72 scale, An OS2U Kingfisher is way overdue. The USCG’s HH-52 has never been kitted in plastic In 1/96 or 1/100 scale, RC Scale warship builders have almost nothing. To start, I’d love to see: - Grumman Avenger - Kingfisher again - HH-52 or HH-65 -Bill
  5. Here’s my build of the US Coast Guard Cutter Duane (WHEC-33) as she appeared ca. 1980. The model was converted from the Revell USCGC Taney kit. The Revell mold dates from 1957, and the model is in a mid-1950s fit. I used the GMM railings designed for this kit, and replaced some of the clunky details with a mix of 1/350 aftermarket and scratch built parts. The Radar Room and tripod mainmast are scratchbuilt. The model was built as a gift for an old friend and classmate, whose first duty station was aboard Duane in the early 80s. The stripe is painted, and the decals are from the Model Alliance 1/350 set. The “DUANE” decal on the stern was made by a club mate who has a laser printer.
  6. I got a refund! Wasn’t expecting it, hadn’t asked for one yet. I ordered a trio of kits back when the post first appeared on HS. I wasn’t keen on the F&F payment thing on PayPal, especially since it was his first post. So I kicked in the extra two bucks to cover his fee ( unasked for)and used the regular purchase option. So I figured I was covered by PayPal in case nothing ever shipped... Makes me wonder if a parent or boss got wind of what was going on....? If a a seller with no history asks for friends and family payment, you can always opt to kickin a little extra to cover the fee. If the seller balks, that is a red flag in my book. The seller fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents- on my $35 purchase, that was under $2.
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