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    Stockport England U.K
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    Building, mainly 1/32 jets, 1/35 AVF's though I am currently compiling everything to convert the Monogram 1/72 B-52D into an F,,,(57-0163)
    and have just started using an airbrush ,,OMG.

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  1. Hi all. Help,,,,,,,the B-52D big belly conversion,,,does any one know,, what the exact conversion was,,was it the bomb clips ,or was the bomb bay modified or a bit of both, does anyone have any photos of pre Big belly clips & bomb bays,,,,to enable me to scratch build a B-52F bomb bay. Chris
  2. I wonder what names they would of been given,,,,,,if the went into production,,,
  3. Don,t tell me the kit industry doesn't make one,, or even a YC-14 . Chris
  4. How about a 1/48 YC-15 .
  5. Hi All Yep,,,going to convert Monograms B-52D to an F, Bu No 57-0163, using BuffMaster Designs J57-P-43W engine, In my opinion the F is the least known of,, the D,G,and H being the predominant kits to build, this conversion will also be the most detailed B-52F ,, . remove all raised panel lines & re scribe. . scratch build bomb bay, detail up doors. . detail up all inside of U/C doors, & position in correct position and subsequently lower wheel main struts. . open up all fuselage windows. . and,,,,,,,create the correct wing droop,,,,ho yes,,,,, Chris..... . P.S ............Any photos of 57-0163 ,,,with Sacramento on its right forward fuselage .
  6. Hello Sir... well,,,,,its a very small world,,here i am in the U.K and my neighbor comes from Michigan.
  7. Thank you Larry. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and import it.. Chris
  8. Hi to all. I have done as much research as I can into converting the monogram B-52D into an F, ,,does anyone sell the Buffmaster resin engine set here in the UK. the monogram kit seems fairly easy to acquire. I aim to produce an example of B-52F 57-0163 . Chris
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