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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Those John Player Specials are still about the best looking F1 cars ever.
  2. If you're going in early August, the Thunder Over Michigan show at the Yankee Air Museum is a great event. This year it's the second weekend in August. Thunderbirds and a slew of warbirds, and they do a great job of keeping planes in the air most of the afternoon without interruption.
  3. I was so psyched when AFV Club released a 48th Mig-28 though.
  4. Ditto what Aaron said. Scuttlebutt at the AMPS Nationals was that the M1A2SEP kit was "definitely" being reissued and the M1A1AIM kit was "most likely" being reissued. Timeframe was "soon". I do know two friends who picked up one each at the show. I think they both paid about $50 each for them, that seems to be the non-ebay price as far as I can tell. Curtis
  5. I think either Skunkmodel or Hasegawa recently did a set of JSDAF weapons.
  6. So sorry for your loss. I lost my mom last month to a brain tumor; it sucks. That is very nice work. I'm sure your mom would be proud to have her ashes kept in such a beautiful box built by her son. Curtis
  7. PLENTY of resources for what you're looking to do. A few to start: Check out MIG Productions and AK Interactive, both have similar products, books, and instructional DVDs to get you going. (They backstory is that the guy that started MIG lost the company in a divorce and took his knowledge and connections and started AK, so AK probably has the more cutting-edge stuff at this point.) I like the Track-Link forums for tank stuff, but there are plenty of others who hang out on Missing Lynx, Planet Armor, or Armorama. There's a Weathering magazine out that's on its 4th or 5th issue now--it's av
  8. Great work. It's such as shame that those 1/9th bikes from Protar and now Italeri are so toy-like. In such a large scale, they could be amazing kits OOB if the manufacturer put any effort into it.
  9. One word: YOLO!!!! This will be my third trip out there from Jersey...11 hours each way. Always a great show with lots of rare warbirds. Where else are you going to see 6 Skyraiders?! A P-51, F-86, F-100 Heritage Flight? Have you seen the list? http://www.yankeeairmuseum.org/airshow/aircraft-list It sucks that MAM pulled the Me-262 and the Mosquito, but there's plenty of other rare worthwhile stuff to see. I'm looking forward to it. Curtis
  10. Made up my own too using Google docs. It's easy to do, searchable, and--best--since it's on the cloud you can access it anywhere from your smartphone.
  11. It's tough to trust restorations, but here's two shots of the landing gear on Kermit Weeks' Tempest V currently being restored:
  12. Here it is at El Paso Int'l in open storage... http://goo.gl/maps/xaETV
  13. Wow sounds terrible. I'd have Pearl Harbor, the WWII in the Pacific museum, and the Punchbowl on the top of my list and go from there... Safe travels! Curtis
  14. Holeshot

    Brown water

    I *believe* you can use acrylics to tint them. You can also paint the underlying surface in shades of brown too. Good luck, Curtis
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