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  1. Julien the fuselage is the bright spot of the whole project. The UHTs are both damaged and the right one is nearly destroyed. Right outboard wing is split along the spar from the hurricane and then the salt water bath did none of the jet any good. The vertical and rudder are damaged, but not too bad. All in all for a discounted kit it was worth picking up. ;) I do have to put my 1:1 scale F-105 back together first, before I can get serious on this. On a forum somewhere either here or warbirds I will start a thread about the project. bill Here she is while still in service Here she is in 2002 at USS Alabama Memorial Here she is prior to Hurricane Katrina
  2. Candid cuts down on the cheezy grins and posed look, don't cha know! ;)
  3. These should help. As for posting images, get a free online photo hosting account and link theme using the picture button on the top of the reply block (7th button from left)
  4. From Jan van Waarde Jan's Email Address "Hi Bill, I was browsing through the ARC Air Forum and noted a discussion on the F-111s used in Operation El Dorado Canyon. Early in 2006 I did an article for Scramble magazine about the attack, with all info about tail numbers etc. However, as I am not a member of the forum, I could not post an answer. I know you're a member, could you please post the text I attached in the 'Research Corner' of the forum, and please include my e-mail address (jwaarde@chello.nl) so that I can answer any questions ar discuss any additions anyone might have? Thanks!" The article he sent me is 8 pages long. I don't think I can post text files here, so please email Jan or myself Bill's email address And we will get the file to you.
  5. S-3B 160135 Link Thingy S-3B 158872 Link Thingy S-3B 159387 Link Thingy
  6. Enought OT posting, back to the Vikings! I have a few markings walks over on Primeportal Here are a few teasers: S-3B 160604 Link Thingy S-3B 160144 Link Thingy S-3B 160141 Link Thingy
  7. VA-204 A-7B 154493 Vought Retiree Club image
  8. How about twin engined A-7s? V-529 with the USAF V-529 with VA-174 Vought Retiree Club images
  9. How about twin engined A-7s? V-529 US Navy V-529 USAF Vought Retiree Club images
  10. Sorry, never saw a "live" Shadow. You already have seen the best of what I did shoot.
  11. Phantomologist


    The formation lights were an F-4S addition. In Pete's reference pictures, the first shot is an S it was one of the first 46 conversions that were delivered without the addition of leading edge slats. The survivors of that batch were later fitted with the slats.
  12. Will, Canopy and wing were not interconnected. The normal ground configuration was wing down, but you can see the aircraft in a variety of configurations.
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