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  1. Hey Guys,

    Something just came to my mind after a discussion I had wit ha few modelers. While I'm pretty much doing all my researches on any kits online before buying and ordering online afterwards, others are spending more time and going to actual physical stores to pick up their kits. I see the pro and con of both solutions...

    So I'm just wondering which way you guys are going usually? I'm pretty curious to see the poll results and I'd love to see some reasoning as well!

    Have a great day!

    Greetings, neu

  2. Calling our friends, supporters and existing customers.

    I'd need up to 10 of you testing our new website. Please message me here if you'd like to participate. Preferably you'd need to make an actual purchase (no obligation, though) and I provide each of you with a 50% off voucher you can use right away for that checkout. Additionally I'll set you up for a permanent 20% discount for ALL your future purchases for your help.

    You can help and save at the same time while you'll have some great print the units have in their ready room. Offer Valid till this Sunday (19th, January)

    Please email me at dprod.support@gmail.com if you are interested! :)

    Greetings, neu :wave:

  3. -- ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT! 50% OFF -- on all aircraft profile prints!


    Here's your LAST CHANGE this year to SAVE BIG on our prints!

    Go to www.deploymentproductions.com BUY 2 or more prints and GET 50% OFF! Enter "BF2013" at checkout!


    Black Friday comes early this year and takes a week at Deployment Productions - Aviation Art

    Offer valid between 22nd and 29th of November, 2013 on all products in our webshop: www.deploymentproductions.com

    Print come without framing. Free worldwide shipping over $80.

    In case you need any assistance please feel free to contact us ;)/>

    Greetings, neu :wave:/>

  4. Hey Guys,

    We have just released our next limited edition print Today.

    VFA-103 Jolly Rogers Homecoming 2013


    Get yours here:


    This print features the CAG, CO and XO birds accurately as they arrived back to NAS Oceana on 2nd of July. AG200 wears the special Jolly Rogers 70th Anniversary paint scheme, the CO and XO birds wear the name of the jets on their nose. Special thanks to Brian Juan Pedro Marbrey´╗┐!

    Early birds can save an incredible $30 this week!

    Greetings, neu

  5. Most passengers still dont/wont care,or even know anything about the colours.They are not enthusiasts.What were the 1998 colours?I can only find 1962,1997, 2000 and 2007 changes on the Delta museum,livery history list.

    These are the ones I'm aware of for Delta (just made this a few days ago to compare them)


    1997-2000 seems to be a short living livery. I think American now is trying to communicate that they are changing and they are not what they used to be. Seeing the communities reactions I'm not sure they made the best choice, however I tend to agree that we here are not necessarily sharing the public, non-enthusiast people' opinion. Time will tell and it might easily turn out that they'll change some aspect of the livery in a few years (I'd start with the tail as it just doesn't work for me this way....)

    Greetings, neu

  6. Hey Guys :wave:/>

    As a long time ARC Sponsor and ARC'er I thought I make a ONE TIME post to kindly ask your assistance to spread the word about us. Usually I'm not doing this, but I thought we're here together for a long time enough to ask your support and I appreciate if you spend a few minutes of your precious time to do it. We'll still be friends if not of course ;)/> A lot of you are familiar with who we are, a lot of you are already enjoying the 20% ARC Discount we provide to each registered ARC members, but I quickly sum it up for the ones not knowing us.


    More customer examples here: http://store.carrierbuilders.net/images/images/gallery/index.html

    We are Deployment Productions a small and dedicated team to provide museum quality and high accuracy custom aviation profile prints mostly for modern jets at this stage. Even though we are not doing it as a full-time job, but rather a passion (this is one of the reasons we turn to you now), our customers are ranging from Veterans, active USN, USAF and USMC units to Airline employees. We regularly make custom prints for change of command ceremonies or as farewell gifts and we are trying to contribute to the aviation fan community as much as possible. Some of you might remember that we also helped saving the longest serving Tomcat from scrapping by setting up fundraising product for that specific purpose.



    So here's how you can help:

    1 - You can visit and enjoy our webshop www.deploymentproductions.com which is also good for research purposes for modeling (if you prefer, you can sign up for the newsletter - sent out roughly bi-monthly with special offers and new products. No daily or weekly spamming). If you like it, we thank you if you recommend it to others as well!

    2 - You can like our Facebook page (we separated it to military and commercial jets due to the little different interests)

    Military jets:




    3 - If you rather like Twitter, you can also follow us there at: https://twitter.com/DeploymentP

    4 - You can follow what we are doing in our dedicated forum here at ARC in the sponsor's section: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showforum=179

    We appreciate your time reading it and supporting us whether via word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter or any other way! :wave:/>

    Greetings, neu

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