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  1. Very nice ones! I've always liked the two seaters... Greetings, neu
  2. Hey guys, Looking for a CH-47 or MH-6 maintenance guide or crew chiefs I could get some basic information regarding some very basic maintenance tips preferably with photos. I'd need to have some external compartment boxes open for a project and do some meaningful things inside like plug this X cable to that port to do Y and son on, or replace this unit by releasing those hatches and pull out type of things. Chinook or Little Bird would be perfect! Greeitngs, neu
  3. And now Wichita 101 from '78 without the white belly and some other, minor differences in appearance: We hope you like it! :) Greetings, neu
  4. Thanks guys! It's always been on my bench, the problem was that I missed research info and I had to backdate a few things (early beaver tail, early gun went, etc) we were not prepared for originally to make it accurate. Remember, the F-14 was our very first type and it wasn't made on the way we're making our profiles these days. Now we're prepared for all major variations of a type from Day 0! Greetings, Zoltan
  5. Hey Gents, It was due for a long time but for some reasons slipped to back on the list for various reasons (mainly research related). Now it's here, 158627 which was the very first cat delivered to the fleet in 73. This Paint scheme depicts this airframe on the first combat cruise (1974-75). We hope you like it! Greetings, Zoltan
  6. If you guys succeeeded you should be seeing your names under the video here (or by clicking on the number of "and xxx other like" line) https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150175874008288 If it's not there, then probably you just liked the page, but not the video :) In this case the instructions in the first post help, also it helps for getting rid of the page after you liked the video :) Thank you guys for being so supportive :) We really appreciate it! Greetings, neu & Zsu
  7. Thank you! :) We're doing well so far, but would need about ~200 more still by the end of the month. Greetings, neu
  8. Nice work on the Starfighters Lieuwe! Greetings, neu
  9. Thank you guys! :) We're doing well so far, but we need all your likes on Facebook and Youtube as well :) Greetings, Zoltan & Zsu
  10. Thank you Gregg, we appreciate it buddy :) Greetings, neu
  11. Dear Friends, Normally I wouldn't post anything like this to here....However, this time - and I promise I won't do it again :) - I'd like to ask 2 minutes from you to help my wife who's a certified Kids Yoga Teacher to win a video contest where she has a chance to go to Tuscany, Italy for a 200 hours internationally recognized Yoga Teacher training! My contribution to this project was that I've shot and cut a video clip of her and her friends doing yoga at unusual places. Getting the "likes" is her thing to do, but we're somewhat late and we need all your likes as well before the end of the
  12. ...and of course a Strike Eagle is not a Strike Eagle without the ordnance... Greetings, neu www.deploymentproductions.com
  13. Hey Guys Here's our first Strike Eagle. We owe you these for about 2 years, but we were busy with other types...now we go back to the F-15's and paint up a bunch of them to have a good selection of all variations! Greetings, neu www.deploymentproductions.com
  14. Hey Gents :( We dusted off some old files in the corner and started to use them! Our fellow ARCer, Ken Middleton provided everything we needed to complete this baby: As usual, it's available in 5 different sizes, layout and prices! I hope you like it! More to come soon + a new type ;) Greetings, neu :) www.deploymentproductions.com
  15. Hey Guys :D After the Airbus A320/330/340/380 and Boeing 747/777/787 Today we introduced the world famous and popular Boeing 737! Here are the first prints of the 800 series: Boeing 737-838 (VH-VXB) - Qantas (QFA) - "Yananyi Dreaming" / Australia Boeing 737-890 (N513AS) - Alaska Airlines (ASA) / United States of America Boeing 737-890 (N512AS) - Alaska Airlines (ASA) - "Spirit of Seattle - Boeing House Livery" / United States of America Boeing 737-823 (N951AA) - American Airlines (AAL) - "ASTROJET - Retro Livery" / United States of America Boeing 737-823 (N907AN) - American Airli
  16. Thank you Don! :D Sure, there will be, but first the "mainstream". I already have some Classic 747's waiting to be uploaded to the shop! More classic later this year, now we need to establish the whole product setup and offering first. Greetings, neu :D
  17. There you are: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=228125 It's just 10, but all jetBlue liveries we're aware of are available in our webstore! I hope you friends will like them Greetings, Zoltan
  18. I already have the whole fleet done, I just did not have time to upload them into the shop. But I think I have all the different paints chemes covered... You can follow what we have here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showforum=179 Or on our facebook pages: Airliners: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deployment-P...202025963158695 Military: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deployment-P...Art/79281653830 ..or of course at our website :) Greetings, neu www.deploymentproductions.com
  19. Hi there Gents I haven't anything posted for a long time, been busy with the new webshop (www.deploymentproductions.com). But now, I'd like to gladly announce that along with the new website a brand new product line has also arrived! We decided to open to another segment of market as well with Airliners! It's been a long process to get here and we're really proud of the results. We have over 100 products available with with several types, airlines which we'll update the webshop with in the coming days! Taking on on this new adventure doesn't mean that we loose focus on what we focused until
  20. Good luck with printing! It's an awesome piece of artwork so I really hope you'll get what you're looking for! Greetings, neu
  21. List updated! Still a lot of stuff to go! Greetings, neu
  22. Dear Gents, I'm reducing my stash drastically as I have more stuff than I could ever build in my life! There are a lot of OOP (Out of Production) kits that I feel sorry about, but I hope something will enjoy building them! Here's the master sheet with the tabs on the bottom, but below you can see it broken down https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ai...hLZlE&hl=en CATEGORIES: Aircraft Aftermarket and Diorama: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ai...amp;hl=en#gid=2 Aircraft Kits: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ai...amp;hl=en#gid=1 Aircraft Decals: https://spre
  23. Boeing VC-25A "Air Force One" 89th Airlift Wing, Air Mobility Command, 29000 - Andrews AFB, MD Well, I know it's a kinda' unusual subject from us, but I'm sure you'll still like it! This one is a must have in the product line... Greetings, neu www.deploymentproductions.com
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