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  1. I'm wondering if we could start this topic, as lot of modelers are afraiding to start rescribing more than a few lines. I'm one of them :) I rescribed some lines, but I'm not to brave to start with a full plane. But I should :) I have 2 Intruders and 1 Prowler to rescribe. I have 2 devices, 1 is a pen-like stiff, and one from Bare Metal Foils. I have dymo tape as well, but there are areas I cannot use it for guide. (I'm sure I'll get a cheap old kit for training)

    So if you ever did it, and you want to shere you're experiences, you have some tips, how-to's please share it with other modelers!

    Greetings, neu

    Happy Scribing :wacko:

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