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  1. Deployment Productions was founded by three professional artists, Zoltan Pocza, Marton Seliga and Gyula Pozsgay in 2005. Since then we have a continuously growing selection of profile artworks categorized to product lines to keep consistency and to support the collectors. Since 2005 we developed great relationship with the aviation fan community, scale modelers, US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Air Force units, veterans, museums and other organizations. In 2010 we expanded our team with Manuel Peitz to open the Airliners product line. Our team is driven by the passion we feel for aviation. We're not doing it for living which makes it easier to consider serving the community as a passion, and not a job.


    Our mission is to provide high accuracy profile prints and artworks to all aviation enthusiasts around the world ranging from contemporary jets to aircraft of past eras. Being huge fans of aviation we are always keen to keep up the highest standards, quality of service and large variety of products. By living our lives with open eyes, and watching the aviation scene closely we try to capture every new interesting subject at the earliest time and act on them. We've been creating all our products with love and passion, same way like if we were doing it for ourselves! We're considering our customers as friends sharing the same interest and passion about aviation. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern!



    Currently all Airliner artworks are available in the following two formats:

    Standard Series


    The 'Standard' airliners products are designed for customer wanting to see both the A380 size giant and B737 size smaller airliners in the same standard size regardless of the real dimensions of these aircraft. Airliners are printed on very high quality glossy photo paper.

    Aircraft are depicted in 1/100 scale on these prints

    Custom Sizes are also available, contact us for details!

    SCALE Series


    'Scale Series' prints were designed to show all depicted aircraft in 1/100 scale when printed. This way all aircraft are sized properly to each other. A Boeing 777-300 will be roughly twice as long as a 737-300 for example. All the prints feature the same design and content in this product line, the difference is in the print size and the pricing. Please check the products for exact sizes! Airliners are printed on very high quality glossy photo paper.

    The 'Standard' airliners prints are available in DIN A2 size only (594x420mm / 23,38x16,53").

    Custom Sizes are also available, contact us for details!

    For further information please visit our website!

    Greetings, Zoltan "neu" Pocza :monkeydance:


  2. Hi there Gents :thumbsup:

    I haven't anything posted for a long time, been busy with the new webshop (www.deploymentproductions.com). But now, I'd like to gladly announce that along with the new website a brand new product line has also arrived! We decided to open to another segment of market as well with Airliners! It's been a long process to get here and we're really proud of the results. We have over 100 products available with with several types, airlines which we'll update the webshop with in the coming days!

    Taking on on this new adventure doesn't mean that we loose focus on what we focused until now! We'll still do Military Jets as before, particularly we'll introduce a new major type in the near future also we'll proceed with the existing types with new paint schemes and units. Airliners are being done by our new team member Manuel.

    A few samples for you viewing pleasure:

    Boeing 747-438ER (VH-OEJ) - Qantas (QFA) "Wunala Dreaming" / Australia


    Boeing 747-438 (VH-OJS) - Qantas (QFA) "Qantas Socceroos" / Australia


    Airbus A380-861 (A6-EDJ) - Emirates (UAE) - "FIFA Partner - South Africa 2010" / United Arab Emirates


    Airbus A380-841 (9V-SKI) - Singapore Airlines (SIA) / Singapore


    Greetings, Zoltan "neu" Pocza :worship:


  3. Dear Gents,


    I'd like to announce that the new Deployment Productions website is online and accessible! We refurbished the webshop to give it a more modern look & feel and to ease your navigation. Also we provided a lot of information which were not present in the previous version regarding product lines, customer gallery, our services, more info on us, etc.

    Please note that all user accounts, order history, registrations, discounts, etc are still present just like before, there are no changes in the database! Functionality wise this website does exactly the same as the old one, but there are further options available. It means that you'll be able to reach everything you reached before!

    We resolved the compatibility issue with Google Chrome browser, so the site appears properly in that browser as well from now on!

    The primary purpose was to ease your navigation and finding what you're looking for faster! Please let us know how we are doing on this! You're feedback is important to us and much appreciated!

    Since we're very happy to have the new webshop up and running we offer a 30% discount* in the next 2 days, starting Today. (08 Feb-10 Feb).

    The coupon code giving you this discount should be entered during the checkout process and is: NWSODC2011

    We hope you'll enjoy the new webshop! :rolleyes:

    Greetings, Zoltan "neu" Pocza


    *Discount cannot be combined with any other discount you might have. The system takes the biggest available discount if you have multiple ones!

  4. Hi,

    We tried it once and it wasn't looking good enough in print, that's why we do not offer it for sale yet.

    Greetings, neu

    Hey Neu,I am interested in a Vandy1 print for my modeling room,I have 2 of your prints already and I was on your website looking but you dont have a sample of Vandy1.The reason Im askin is the rest of your prints do not look toyish,but I am worried that the all black would look to stark. Could you show me a sample pannel,before I get you to do me one up..thanks STUMP
  5. Dear Gents,

    I'm reducing my stash drastically as I have more stuff than I could ever build in my life! :rofl: There are a lot of OOP (Out of Production) kits that I feel sorry about, but I hope something will enjoy building them!

    Here's the master sheet with the tabs on the bottom, but below you can see it broken down



    Aircraft Aftermarket and Diorama:


    Aircraft Kits:


    Aircraft Decals:


    Canopy Masks:


    Carrier / Carrier Aftermarket:


    The minimum amount for posting is $30! I'm sorry, but I think it's understandable that I do not want to spend much time by packing and going to the post standing in the line for an hour for $2!

    The more you take, the better deal you can make! I ship from Hungary, EU so please consider shipping fees when deciding to buy something from the list!

    Package deals are available (Kit + matching PE or Resing kit + Decal, etc)

    If you need something just drop me a PM or an email and we'll discuss the details!

    Greetings, neu :salute:

  6. Any chance of doing airliners in the future? Would seem a waste to make a 747 up just for one scheme. (true, it's a unique airframe variant, but it shouldn't take too much work to make a standard -100 and -200B from it)

    PS--tooting my own horn, but I know the 747's physical variations quite well, and am more than willing to help. :woo:

    Of course we're not wasting our efforts :thumbsup:

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