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John Langton

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  1. John Langton

    Slow Speed Flanker

    lookin good
  2. John Langton

    Short Circuit

    OK I think Im on to something but look at that price! :D Only 25 ever made! Wow
  3. John Langton

    Short Circuit

    A lot of time :)
  4. John Langton

    Short Circuit

    Cazy that there has never been a toy. In Short Circuit 2 the indian guy is selling some pretty cool looking ones. Cant believe there has never been any made
  5. wow looking really good
  6. John Langton

    Short Circuit

    Was there ever a model or toy made of Johnny 5? Looked everywhere and cannot find one Regards
  7. John Langton

    This guy asking too much or what?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/F-16-Block-50-1-32-T...1QQcmdZViewItem it keeps getting lower and lower and lower :D
  8. John Langton

    Turkmen MiG-29C

    lovely work
  9. John Langton

    Ukraine Su-27 1/32 #08

    Amazing detail cant wait to see the finish John
  10. John Langton

    Victor progress

    Looking forward as per usual John
  11. John Langton

    '1/24 FA2 Sea Harrier Conversion'

    wow looking forward to the progress John
  12. John Langton

    1/18 Falcon?

    Anyone seen this before? Any details on it? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1-18-FIGHTER-PLANE-F...1QQcmdZViewItem Regards John
  13. John Langton

    Polish VIPER - F-16C Block 52 Advanced

  14. John Langton

    Another Tonka toy

    Looking good and like the removable wing idea. Which thread did you get this from I think I missed it. John
  15. amazing work and detail looking forward to end results