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  1. Tamiya laquer paint thins very well with MLT. However, when using Tamiya's own laquer thinner I seem to notice an even smoother and resistent finish. MLT also mixes with (most) enamels but my experience is that the dried paint is less durable compared to using enamel thinners.
  2. If, by "a better way to spray white" you mean having to do fewer passes, you may want to consider using the white variant of Mr. Surfacer as a primer if you want to avoid having the primer colour showing through your Tamiya white coat. In case you are using Tamiya gloss white you may also consider using the flat white on the first couple of coats before finishing off with a gloss coat(s). In general I find that the flat paint have better coverage than the gloss ones do. Hope this helps.
  3. That is just superb. Amazing weathering!
  4. I'm very (pleasantly) surprised to hear that Kinetic will make an announcement regarding the C-17 at the Nats. I was under the firm impression that the whole project had been binned.
  5. On November 21st, 2013 then-President Janukovitj refused to sign a trade agreement with the EU resulting in mass demonstrations and several civilian casualties over the coming months. This is also known as the Majdan revolution. On February 22nd, 2014 Janukovitj fled to Russia and five days later (February 27th) Russian forces occupied the Crimea peninsula With the pro-Russian Janukovitj gone, pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk and Lugansk started occupying public buildings in early March of 2014 and declared their independence from Ukraine in April 2014. In May 2014 general elections we
  6. I've placed somewhere between 140 and 150 orders with LuckyModel over the past 13-14 years. All - and I do mean all - of the orders showed up. Granted, some took longer than others but I have received them all. Despite the fact that I have received all items, some are still listed as "In progress" or "Packed - queue to Postal" when I log on to the LuckyModel website. So, despite the message you received from costumer service, I'd say there is a slight chance that you parcel just might be on its way already. Add to that the massive amount of goods and cargo stuck in Asia just waiting to b
  7. From https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk Update time! 15/09/2021. I hope everyone out there has managed to stay as safe and well as possible. After an interesting summer with various meets with orthopaedic consultants which confirmed things were worse than thought, the time has arrived for direct sales to stop. As of now all new direct sales are closed. All pre existing back orders will continue to be fulfilled as items arrive back in stock. All UK and Rest of the world direct sales will now be available through Models For Sale via their website going for
  8. I took these back in 2005 in a museum in Germany. Although it's a two-seater, they may be useful.
  9. Tamiya makes a special Easy Sanding CA glue. Only tried it once so far - works like a charm! For faster drying time you may want to consider their CA accelerator
  10. IIRC, both the the standard A-4C (PT22) as well as the Blue Angels A-4E/F were re-released around 2019/2020
  11. Mr. Color Leveling Thinner https://www.mr-hobby.com/en/product1/category_7/158.html Mr. Color Thinner https://www.mr-hobby.com/en/product1/category_7/156.html Mr. Color Rapid Thinner https://www.mr-hobby.com/en/product1/category_7/159.html
  12. Good to hear! Glad it worked out for you. Re. the troubled area you may not need to do a complete respray with the gloss. I'd sand it down gently and possibly just give it a light spray of pure MLT. This will re-hydrate (is that the right word?) the paint and could possibly be enough to restore the sheen. HOWEVER, it may also ruin you paint job if you sand too much of the gloss varnish off so proceed with caution! Phantom out
  13. That would be the pressure with the airbrush air valve open - so a nice and steady flow of air. I'm using a Badger 200 myself with a fine nozzle although I don't recall the nozzle diameter. Also, when applying the thicker coat(s) don't be too heavyhanded. The last spray of pure MLT will bring out the sheen if you don't achieve it during the last coat of varnish One word of caution: When doing the last spray of pure MLT be very careful: Too much might ruin your entire paint job - too little may have no or just a minor effect on the sheen. I'd highly recommend testing this on a mule first!
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