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  1. I have a couple of these: NF-14D & F-14A Tomcat , SuperScale International 48-1175 (2007) (scalemates.com)
  2. I just finished doing this one a few weeks ago for a friend who flew in the 39th AS back in the early 90s. I used the DRAW DECALS generic C-130s, made the two on the front, and cobbled the remainder from spares.
  3. Chorse6

    CA Glue

    Home Depot or Lowes. I like the Gorrilla Glue gel myself. If you like thin, you can find it at HobbyLobby.
  4. Though I was talking generalities, you're correct. If I recall, 11th ACR was already deactivating at the time eventually ending up at NTC as an OPFOR unit. 2nd ACR was starting, then got called into DS (and yes, I heard of 73 Easting. 3ACR was in DS also). I had to give them some of my unit's property since they were short. After they returned, they shut down (and I got a lot of their property) and went to Fort Lewis where they went "light", though not an ACR. They then moved to Ft Polk as a Light CR (HMMWVs- interesting concept) and the name went over to a Stryker Brigade in Europe after they
  5. 2AD went away after the wall went down in 89, but there were plenty of armor units in the army. Doctrinally, ACRs were assigned to Corps. After the wall fell, we really only had one armored corps, III Corps. During the invasion of Iraq, the Army still had an 3d ACR. We (I was assigned to 3ACR) started to deploy right after the invasion started, but weren't fully on the ground until after the cessation of combat operations (and yes, we could have helped with our structure and doctrine). 3d ACR went away around 2009 and became a Stryker brigade. Interesting discussion about the Mari
  6. Very fine work! Nicely done all around. Great attention to detail. What Mr. Color did you use for the Gull Grey?
  7. Looking forward to seeing this as I'm building the same right now as well. Only difference is I have Lonestar cockpit set and SAC gear. Really don't think the kit is that bad. Are you going to "fix" the nose? If so, what will be your approach.
  8. Wild Bill's is dead...sort of. Owner decided to retire. Bought out by the owner of the Dallas area Hobbytown. Allegedly there was a large pile of estate kits in a couple storage areas. Speaking to some of the HT folks, they said the intent is to spread out those kits to those stores (Dallas, Plano, Lewisville and Colleyville). When I spoke to them, they were not sure what they were going to do with the physical "Wild Bill's" property. I need to drive over there and check. Hobbytown Lewisville is still pretty good; especially for paints. Same with Colleyville. The Hobby
  9. They were zero balance on the website, but I'll reach out and see if they have one extra hidden. Thanks.
  10. Specifically, I'm looking for 48-111. Even more specifically, I'm looking for the F-16/79 ones. More than happy if only that part. Thanks!
  11. That is deeply heartbreaking. Tom was a great fountain of knowledge and seemed to be a fine gentlemen! Though belatedly, my deepest condolences.
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