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  1. In a word: No. Kit manufacturers don’t make new product announcements on ARC.
  2. This product is not currently listed on eBay. Is there any other way to get it?
  3. I guess I must be an oddball. Long before I ever decide what I'm going to build I scour my books and everything I can find online to get as much reference as I can. Only then do I decide how I'm going to build it - what color scheme, ordnance, etc.
  4. Honestly, with everything that's wrong with the MC kits, I'd probably still start with a Monogram D and try to find the old DB/Flightpath conversion parts.
  5. Cool! Thanks for posting those Luigi. I went back through my F-104J/DJ pics and I found a few with that mounting. It still doesn't appear commonly, and based on known dates of some of the photos I have, it doesn't appear to have been used much past the early 1970s. I love learning new stuff about airplanes that have been around for decades!
  6. That's interesting. Never seen that adapter before. But what I will say is that after collecting several thousand images of JASDF F-104J/DJ (I'm obsessed with them), that's the only photo I have ever seen with the AIM-9 launchers mounted on the wings like that. It obviously existed, but it wasn't common, and that photo is of the first F-104J, so I suspect it was a test setup that was never adopted for service. The JASDF used the "catamaran" launchers on the belly for their AIM-9s.
  7. The F-104J used the same wheel as the early F-104G and CF-104. The solid “dished” wheel was only found on the A/C/D.
  8. Lots of photos posted on Facebook today. The kit looks fantastic! Do my eyes deceive me, or do you have main wheels appropriate to the F-104A/C on the sprues?
  9. No reason to think they were anything other than the factory finish. The green (or blue, or mauve, or khaki, or puce - your choice) paint was used to paint over the D-Day stripes. The rest of the wing looks to be stock factory finish.
  10. Any word on a shipping date? Still listed as a future release on Luckymodel's web site.
  11. Sorry, yes, that was a typo. Elmendorf had the AIM-7F in the mid-80s, not the E. The E was Vietnam era. All of the missiles at Elmendorf at that point had gray bodies.
  12. Nobody’s talking about “total accuracy” (there is no such thing, btw). I’m talking about easily available information that will prevent you from making elementary errors. Kitty Hawk has demonstrated over and over and over and over that they’re more interested in your money than they are with putting out high quality products. And the fact that people keep buying them over and over and over just proves that a lot of modelers don’t seem to care. Monogram hasn’t existed in over a decade. But when they did, they were one of the top producers. Was your 1977 automobile the same kind of quality that your 2019 automobile is? Some of the Monogram subjects from the 1960s through the 1990s are still far and away the most accurate kits of the subject (1/48 F-100, 1/48 F-4s, just for starters). They’re not to the same design standards that we have come to expect in 2019, but then again we didn’t expect the same kind of automotive quality in 1977 that we do today either.
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