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  1. That's a pretty strong statement. I refer you to this: li·bel /ˈlībəl/ noun 1. LAW a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation. synonyms: defamation, defamation of character
  2. The work isn't the problem. It's the Danny Coremans that's the problem. He's never getting a penny of my money to support his "efforts".
  3. You realize, of course, that probably about 0.00000000000144298% of modelers worldwide have ever heard of ARC, much less read this entire 208 (and counting) page thread, right?
  4. So I'm going to pay (Danny Coremans) $75 for three antennas? Don't think so.
  5. 2011? Wow, I didn’t know plastic kits had been invented way back then.
  6. They do? Like what? This was posted in several different groups on FB
  7. I’ve heard it’s been pushed back in favor of other as-yet unannounced projects.
  8. Spitfires were specified to have “smooth” camouflage colors, which were (at least when new) most assuredly not flat. Very few aircraft have a dead flat finish.
  9. So does the Kinetic kit, and it has the bonus of not causing me to give Danny Coremans any of my money 🙂
  10. If you can't see the pitot tube sticking out below the windscreen, it's an early version (with the "L" pitot under the nose).
  11. The horizontal stabs on the Hasegawa kit are like 1mm too short in span, which I would dare anyone to be able to discern by eye on the finished model. But what is discernible by eye is the pockmarks all over the thing that aren't seen on any F-104.
  12. I don't think you're going to get different plastic, only different decals. And there are existing CF-104 decals out there already. You know you want to buy it now!
  13. Pre-ordered it as soon as it was available in early June. Shipping took about a week-ish.
  14. That nose was unique to that one airplane, so I'd just break out the epoxy putty and do it the old fashioned way. Not difficult at all.
  15. Zzzzzzzzz..... Of all the really important, historically significant aircraft with combat histories that haven't been done before... the OA-4M? Really?
  16. None of the kits you mentioned is to their new “gold” standard. It’s not remotely the same company it was five years ago.
  17. Just cracked the box on the new Kinetic kit. Even with the small issues already raised above in this thread, this kit is LIGHT YEARS better than the Hasegawa kit. The surface detail is every inch the equal of Tamiya's (better in some cases - Tamiya over-does piano hinges consistently). Really looking forward to sticking some bits together!
  18. Where do they "get off"? It's called being in business. Can you just go to your local Ford dealer and ask for a new door handle and expect to get it? Really?
  19. Don't forget to look at car colors. There is a veritable rainbow available, and while not FS595 matched, you can usually find something really close to help you mix you own.
  20. Actually the Sabre Mk.4 *was* an F-86E. Canadair built a number for the USAF on the same assembly line that they were building Mk.4s for the RAF. Also, an updated E is essentially externally identical to an F.
  21. Apparently they're also telling people in Chattanooga that they're working on a new 1/48 P-36 family, and eventually an early P-40 family. Yaaahooooo!!!
  22. Did nobody else hear this stuff from Eduard’s seminar at the convention in Chattanooga??
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