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  1. Good Job. Only three things if I can: 1- CFT pylons are for AIM-120 missiles not AIM-7; 2- If I'm right never seen that payload on 'Baz', what's your reference?; 3- Nickname and little serial number of the nose look in gray. They are in blue, same Star of David blue. :) Bye.
  2. Hi All! Has anyone photos or links about Topic Title? Many thanks! Bye! Simone.
  3. Ciao Enrico! :) Good model but... Where did you find those decal??? Serial one seems excessive in size and 101 Tayeset badge are very bad quality :( Simone.
  4. Thanx LD!!! Your reference is very appreciate... Another question: Is it the best kit of Jet Ranger on aftermarket????? Simone.
  5. 4479 4232 Hello all. Are these kit same mould????? Thanks. Simone.
  6. Hello Caesar. Do you know this??? :thumbsup:/> Hasegawa Weapons Set :wave:/>
  7. Hello Caesar. Do you know this??? :thumbsup:/> Hasegawa Weapons Set :wave:/>
  8. Yes, I'm wrong. I thought the pod was no in center of fuselage, but thank to this Link I have had confirm pos is centre line...... excuse me...... Simone.
  9. I hope that will be no a problem..... :thumbsup:/>/> Simone.
  10. I don't think that is useful.... in the 80s those were in difference place and only in two opposite positions under/on top of wings... when I'll be at home I check for you on Isradecal book.... Simone.
  11. But.... It is a exe file....... :blink: what's it means?
  12. I hope this can help you: ARC post Simone.
  13. Sure that... I'm not!!!! :wacko: :wacko: I had built it about 20 years ago.... Good modelling then!!!!!
  14. Yes Gregair, I was wrong... Recessed not raised... I had built the Esci kit but It was with RAISED panel lines.... :( I think i will buy an Italeri one.... ;) Simone
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