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  1. Habu2, And for a 1:72 scale model, it would be like looking at a Phantom at 72 feet away from you?
  2. Hello forum, If you were looking at a 1:48 scale model of an F-4 Phantom II, what would be the distance of the F-4 if the fighter was real and not a model? An F-4 has a length of 63 feet. Using this calculator, 63 feet in 1:48 scale is 1.3125 feet: https://www.inchcalculator.com/scale-calculator/ So the length of the Phantom is 1.3125 feet in 1:48 scale. But in real life, at what distance would the Phantom have to be to have a length of 1.3125 feet? Thanks for the help, Chris
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