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  1. I would be interested, that very kind of you. I am working away from home, stuck offshore for about a month, will have a look when i manage to get home. cheers
  2. Hi, Here is the contact mail address, he can be a bit slow answering sometimes. andrey_dimentov@mail.ru> This link should work to contact him via Facebook messenger m.me/arkmodel Hope this helps
  3. Andrey from Ark models will sell the decals directly to you if you contact them. I managed to get a couple of sets delivered to the UK including postage for $22
  4. There is a PE set available from Microdesign. I bought a couple of sets, including delivery was about $18 US https://microdisign.ru/products/1-144/buran-ark
  5. Homer, Thanks for your input again, much appreciated. You have confirmed what i thought about cutting Aluminium sheet. I did think that it might cope with something in between foil and sheet, specifically the aluminium that food trays are made of. Maybe the other option would be a light scoring cut which would then give an accurate guide for actually cutting the pieces out by more traditional methods. At work i am fortunate enough to have access to a full Autocad package, so i have been able to convert a fair few PDF's into SVG files then clean them up, rescale them and import them into the Cricut Software, really just playing about before i made the plunge and bought one. The reason i was asking which software you used is that i am wrestling with justifying the cost of illustrator versus the use i would put it to. This is all related to a project i have on the go at the minute and not really Shuttle related. Something that is Shuttle related, and in particular with this thread is about lovely 3D printed parts you have made. I was recently fortunate enough to lay my hands on some memorabilia from STS-27, namely a small section of tyre from the orbiter landing gear. So my next project will be Atlantis STS-27 on the pad. I have obtained the Monogram 1-72nd kit. Would the parts that you have on shapeways be "consistent" with Atlantis at the time of STS-27
  6. Hi Bill,

    I have managed to get hold of a Monogram 1-72nd scale Shuttle with Boosters and Tank. Its in my "queue" of future projects, but i am doing a bit of groundwork ready for when i get around to it. I am making a list of upgrades and have seen your printed items on Shapeways. I am thinking of building it as Atlantis STS-27. The parts i have been looking at are

    External Tank Intertank Area

    Replacement SSME bell 

    Shuttle OMS Engine with cover

    SRB to External Tank Connecting Rings

    SRB Aft Skirts with Separation Motors

     SRB Top Separation Motors

    Ice Frost Ramps for 1/72 scale Shuttle ET

    SRB Heatshields

    ET Tank umbilicals & cross member

    SRB tops


    Are all of these parts consistent with Atlantis as it was on STS-27.





  7. Homer, That's brilliant info, thanks. I do have one more question, do you reckon it would cut 0.005" aluminium. if you dont mind me asking which vector graphics program do you use, i have been playing about with Inkscape a bit, purely because it was free.
  8. Hi Homer, I see you have a Cricut maker. Have you ever tried cutting styrene sheet with it. I was looking at these and talked to Cricut customer support trying to get some answers but got no where. Tim
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