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  1. I thought Kinetic 1/48 Su-33 was really good. Compared to that one, what is fixed here? Apart from more/better detail.?
  2. This might be the 1st kitty hawk kit I buy. Looking forward to it. Is there a time line? Like this year?
  3. I am looking forward to a side-by-side review of Tamiya vs AMK vs GWH in this year 😄 It will be a lot of fun.
  4. That will be a turning point.
  5. It is not a dream, it will happen. Don't believe me, believe in billions of $ pouring into EV plants by Ford, Merc etc after seeing it is possible following Tesla'a example. ICE vehicles will always have niche place obviously. You don't need to wall off anyone. There are ample solutions. If you reside or work in metropolitan areas you have to pay a tax to own/use an ICE. What is impossible with this? By the way, even without taxes, people will see the advantages of EVs. They are cheaper to operate and if Tesla keeps delivering with its promise I think this Model 3 can be another Iphone moment. Taxes/benefits are just to encourage people's faster adoption for health/environment benefits. Anyhow, we will live and see. I just wished people wont have these attachment to ICE cars. I fail to understand, even as a jet fighter fan, the allure of owning V8 cars as a daily commuting option. Burning oil should end for commuting.
  6. In 10 years, driving an ICE in the cities will be like smoking indoors today. People will be like "what were we thinking??!?!" We are pumping toxins then breathing them like it is normal, manly or smt. Very irrational.
  7. If governments support any of these as much as they do support fossil interest, all of them together can easily work. No joke. Don't believe me look at at North European countries. You don't count them as "real" countries then look at China. They are doing it. Also there is something called efficiency. *Any* large scale energy plant is significantly more efficient then ICE cars. ICE cars are just moving ovens. ICE cars should be taxed. They create problems for everyone even people not using them. Now we have none ICE option. If you want to drive an ICE in cities you should pay for privilege of emitting toxins.
  8. You are building *14* A-6? For fun or for work? :)
  9. If it is a larger stain like ww2 planes or tornado reverse trust I prefer airbrush with tamiya clear colors. If it is a small went or the area affected is smaller I use tamiya "makeup" sets too :)
  10. 1st time posting but long time lurker, so be gentle. But I agree this thread is fun 😄
  11. I have one Bone too! Do you have more pictures to share? Looks really nice. I probably cannot extract rubber from socks though 😄
  12. lol. if you really want to make Turks angry, give them to Kurds in Syria. 😄
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